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Meet may be an unconventional term for an About Us page but Meet seems to invite more of a connection between what we're trying to do and what you're trying to do. The goal of this introduction is to begin to establish a long-standing relationship between Kids' Money and yourself. Together, we can improve the tenuous relationship between people and their money. I hope you'll become a part of Kids' Money by Sharing or Submitting material and help us become even more relevant and effective. Thank you.

What's in the Works?

After fifteen years of working on the Kids' Money website in the wee hours of the mornings and on weekends, beginning July 1, 2011, our Founder, David McCurrach, is dedicating his full-time efforts to expanding and promoting Kids' Money. Needless to say, his goals are ambitious. Check back here frequently and see his plans take shape.

Kids' Money intends to take a substantial step forward in 2012 by incorporating The Kids' Money Coalition as a non-profit group of parents, educators and organizations committed to the financial education of young people.

Our goal is to:

  • Become a leading and outspoken advocate for the financial education of young people
  • Establish ourselves as the preeminent source of educational tools, resources and initiatives
  • Provide forums for discussion and the exchange of ideas and information
  • Grow a community of individuals and businesses committed to the same cause

You can:

We are seeking individuals and organizations of a like mind. Please let us know if youíre interested. We look forward to your continuing interest and active participation. Thank you.

The future is elusive but our goals and commitment are steadfast.


Our Story

Kids' Money started in December, 1995. Originally, it was on Prodigy (the predecessor to AOL). Here's a print of our Home Page on February 26, 1996. That year, Prodigy recognized the top 12 websites it hosted. Kids' Money was one of the twelve.

Eventually, Kids' Money moved to the URL. Kids' Money Store, The Monopoly Store and Kids' Money Press were all developed in the early 2000s as Kids' Money grew and grew. Journalists took note and frequently sighted Kids' Money and our resident expert in print, radio, TV and other related websites. Through mid-2000, we kept a list of Where's Kids' Money.

In June, 2010, we began tracking Kids' Money on Google Analytics. Since then, we had visitors from:

  • All 50 states
  • Hundreds of cities in each of the largest states
  • Every continent except Antarctica and
  • One hundred and eighty-seven countries

Kids' Money is most popular in english-speaking countries. We have added Google Translate to many of our pages to try to enhance our value to non-english speaking groups.

Traffic sources break down as follows:

  • Search Engines - 53.47%
  • Direct - 33.92%
  • Referring Sites - 12.60%
  • Other - 0.01%

Our biggest audiences are:

  1. Kids
  2. Teachers
  3. Parents
  4. Teens
  5. Organizations
  6. International

Our site contains over 250 pages. The most popular pages are:

  1. Kids' Making Money
  2. Allowance Articles
  3. Allowance Statistics
  4. Kids' Allowance Surveys
  5. Kids' Saving

For all of its years, Kids' Money has ranked at or near of top of Google returns for the kids and money search. Parents, teachers, kids, financial education professionals and journalists have all recognized Kids' Money as an outstanding resource in its field. In 2009, Kids' Money received the Parenting Journals' Editors Choice award.


Why Kids' Money?

The reasons are all around us:
  • Lack of financial education in schools (only three states require any coursework at all)
  • Unabated marketing to children (thousands of advertising messages a day encouraging kids to spend)
  • Easy credit for kids (even if they don't have any income to repay)
  • Stifling credit card debt (as young and older adults)
  • Widespread financial ignorance (the survey results are shocking)
  • Record bankruptcies (more individuals declare bankruptcy each year than graduate from college)
And the list goes on.

Our goal is and has always been to be the preeminent interactive resource for parents, teachers and kids seeking to develop financial expertise, skills and habits in order to make sure children become financially responsible and successful adults. Our focus is personal finance.

We believe effective financial education requires a coordinated effort between parents, teachers, teens and kids. Our mission is to provide beneficial resources to help each group teach and learn about money and money management.

You can help us with your comments, suggestions and recommendations.


Who is Kids' Money?

Many have contributed to Kids' Money success. Experts and journalists have long recommended and provided their input and material to the Kids' Money website.

Our founder, editor and chief advocate is David McCurrach. David has done hundreds of interviews with media all around the world. His career has been with financial institutions. His primary focus has been to research and develop innovative products and services. Current projects, in addition to the Kids' Money Web Site, include his latest book Allowance Magic: Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards, along with the Allowance Magic website and the soon to be introduced Allowance Magic online tools. Prior to his financial career, he was a tanker pilot. With five children and seven grandchildren, he has been a longtime student of parenting. Kids' Money is the start of an effort to bring parenting skills to bear on fostering responsible money management habits in children.

David has recently been selected as the Kids and Money expert on As such, he has begun writing a series of article for the parents of preschool-aged children. For your convenience, these articles are listed below:

Please feel free to email David at for interview requests.


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