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Where's Kids' Money?

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Kids' Money is Everywhere!

Here's a partial list from:

Kids' Money has tried to verify as many of the items listed below as possible. However, due to the wide diversity of publications and websites, it has not been possible to confirm each and every one.

We realize this is only a partial list. Link Popularity lists 356 links to our old URL and 107 links to our new one (as of July, 2000 - now in the thousands). Most of these sightings come from visitors that choose to take the time to let us know about them. Some, we have discovered ourselves. Please take a minute and let us know about any publications or sightings that are not on our list that should be. Thank you.


Access Magazine, July 12, 2000
Sites to help your kids cash in

News Channel 5, News at 5, June 29, 1999

USA Weekend, June 2-4, 2000
Yahoo! Managing Your Money Online, Page 16

The Daily World, April 15, 2000
Bankers Teach Children To Save Pennies
For Something They Really Want
, Page A4

Beloit Daily News, March 27, 2000
Children's allowances can be tricky decision

Arizona Republic, March 17, 2000
Allowance's Big Payoff, Page E1

The Columbia Missourian, February 1, 2000
Kiddie Ca$h

Multifacts (Ottawa Twins' Parents' Association), February, 2000,
Making Allowances, Page 1

Sympatico Netlife, January / February, 2000
Family Wire - Making Allowances, Page 21

Family Money, January / February, 2000
Streetwise Kids, Readers Resources, Page 110

Connexion Trimark, January 27, 2000
Le coin de l'intemaute, Page 4

Amarillo Sunday Newspaper, January 2, 2000

Bloomberg Market Monitor, December 14, 1999
Page 3

American Century Mutual Fund Investor Newsletter,
December, 1999

Kelo-Land Television, Parent Time, November 24, 1999
The Allowance

The Telegraph Journal, November 8, 1999
Mutual Funds

The Regina Leader-Post, November 8, 1999
Kids Can Start Learning The Value of Money, Page D1

The Gazette, November 8, 1999
Balanced Budget? It's Child's Play, Page F5

The Edmonton Journal, November 1, 1999
Living Section: Don't Short Change The Kids -
Avoiding Those Kids and Cash Temper Tantrums
, Page C1

FamilyPC, October 25, 1999
Kids, Money, and the Web

San Diego Union, October 23, 1999
Resources That Can Affect Resources, Page E2

NAIC, October 8, 1999
Kids and Smart Investing

Teen Magazine, October, 1999
Kids' Making Moola, Page 23

ParentTime, September 7, 1999
How Much Allowance Should Kids Get?

Financial Post, August 12, 1999
Plenty of Web Sites All About Money: Kids' Money is Top Pick, Page D4

Boerse Online, August 8, 1999
Es Geht Nicht Nur Ums Taschengeld, Page 93

American Airlines AAdvantage Newsletter, August, 1999
Using Your Miles, Page 6

Queens Parents, August, 1999
Raising a Money-Smart Family, Page 11

Asian Wall Street Journal, July 23, 1999
Personal Journal: 'A' Is for Apple, 'B' Is for Budget: Wanting or Needing New Nikes?, Page 2

Asian Wall Street Journal, July 22, 1999
Personal Journal: Kids and Money Management: Online Help

Calgary Herald, July 3, 1999
The Tricky Balancing Act of Kids & Cash

Big Apple Parents, July, 1999

Daughters (American Girl), July, 1999
Parents' Forum: Info to Go, Card Insert

WQDK 99.3, June18, 1999
Computer Show Web Links

Kiwanis Magazine, June / July, 1999
Kids, Cash and Cold Hard Facts, Page 24

Iowa State University Extension Service, May, 1999
Centsible Parenting

Sacramento Bee, April 25, 1999
Making Allowances, Page D10

The Orange County Register, April 20, 1999
Web Site of the Week, Page 10

Reader's Digest, April 19, 1999
Family Finance Guide

The Christian Science Monitor, April 14, 1999
Allowances For Kids

Hamilton Spectator, April 6, 1999
Teaching Kids Sound Money Management, Page B3

Parenting, April, 1999
Bribes: The Do's and Don'ts, Page 182

Let's Talk Families, Spring, 1999
Log On!, Page 9

Parents, March, 1999
Money Lessons For Every Age, Page 110

News-Journal Online, Business, February 1, 1999
Allowance for chores not always equitable

Family Life, 1999
Allowance Roundup, Page 113

Scholastic, Inc., 1999
Spend It or Save It, Page 11

L.A. Parent, 1998 / 1999
Best of the Best: Dollars and Sense, Page 7

Scouting Magazine, November / December 1998
Family Talk: Teaching Money Management in Scouting, Page 16

CNN Newsroom, Worldview, Business Desk, September 23, 1998
Kids' Mall

Medical Economics, August 24, 1998
Web Sites That Teach Kids and Parents About Managing Money, Page 102

Business Week, August 17, 1998
Investing For Kids: Child's Play on the Web, Page 102

The Detroit News, August 3, 1998
End The Summer Blahs With Fun

About, The Human Internet, July 16, 1998
Kids and Money

Family Fun, June / July, 1998
Family Computing: The Money Machine, Pages 161-163

Money, The Digital Life, Summer, 1998

PC Computing, May 20, 1998
Web Site of the Day

SonntagsZeitung Wirtschaft, May 17, 1998
Mit Geld umgehen ist kein Kinderspiel

The Christian Science Monitor, Work & Money, May 4, 1998
Internet Sitings

The Christian Science Monitor, Work & Money, February 9, 1998
Budget Advice Is a Click Away

Sky, All In The Family, September, 1997
The Allowance Dilemma, Pages 33-35

Worth Online, August, 1997
Kids Need More Than Play Money

U.S. News, At Work & Home, Career Dialogue, March 24, 1997
Start 'em Young

401(k)ids - Part 1: Give Your Child a Foundation for Managing Money
401(k)ids - Part 2: Teaching Kids Smart Spending and Saving Habits

Alliance Federal Credit Union, Scottie Savers, Put Your Allowance in Alliance, Banking on Web-Wise Kids, Finance, Weekly Q & A, Should I pay my kids an allowance?

blackstocks, 401k, Give Your Child a Foundation for Managing Money, The Piggy Bank Archives, Give 'Em An Allowance

Indiana Department of Financial Institutions, Children and Money

Moms Online, Issuing Allowances

MoneyMinded, Mom, Can I Have a Raise?

NetGuide, Family & Relationships Guide, Young and Money Conscious

NICE (National Institute for Consumer Education), Children and Money

ParentTime, Don't Tie an Allowance to Good Behavior

Reader's Digest, Special Feature, Beyond the Piggy Bank

The Society For Developmental Education, The Web Wanderer, Education, General Education, Making Learning Fun, Money, Money, Money

Total Man, Money Management Strarts with Allowance

TV Ontario, Your Money, Show #18

Yahooligans!, Teachers' Guide, Wampum to Wall Street

ZDTV, Help & How-To, Kids' Money,



Kids' Allowances, by David McCurrach,
February, 2000, Kids' Money Press

The Allowance Workbook, by David McCurrach,
February, 2000, Kids' Money Press

The Everything Kids' Money Book, by Diane Mayr,
2000, Adams Media Corporation, Page 84

Best Web Sites for Kids 2000, by Jessica Schroeter,
August, 1999, Teacher Created Materials, Inc., Page 71

Computers, 5th Edition, Internet Exercises, by Larry Long and Nancy Long,
1999, Prentice-Hall, Inc., Chapter 9

Kids and Money, by Jayne A. Pearl,
1999, Bloomberg Press, Pages 79, 216, 237

The Grandmother Principles, by Suzette Haden Elgin,
September, 1998, Abbeville Press, Inc., Page 116

Everyone's Money Book, by Jordan E. Goodman,
1998, Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc., Page 841

Official Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory, 1997
Microsoft Press, Page 784

Investor's Web Guide, by Douglas Gerlach,
1997, Lycos Press, Page 207

Your Personal Net Money, by Michael Wolff,
1997, Wolff New Media, Page 226

Kids & Money, by Michael J. Sears, 1996
World of Money Books, Page 138



21 Alive, WPTA, Parents' Place, Hot Links for Parents

ABC News for Kids!, Notebook on Radio Disney, Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt, Links

About, The Human Internet
Financial Planning, Teens and Money
Frugal Living, Teaching Kids
Investing: Canada, Money for Young People
Investing For Women, Net Links, Teaching Teens Good Investing Habits
Money, Mutual Funds, Family Investing, For Parents
Parenting/Family, Parenting of K-6 Children, Creative Internet Activities for Families, Kids and Money

ActionNet, Personal Finance

American Savings Bank, Banking Related Web Sites

Ask Eric Lesson Plans,, Applied Mathematics,
Browntown Mall,
Money Values

Arizona Journal, Links, Business News

The Babies Planet, Parenting

Baby Steps, Links

BLT, Best Links & Tips, Living Smarter, Family

The CaveMan Investor, The CaveWoman Investor, The best financial sites for women

The C-Bee Student Savers Connection, The Student Account

Carol LaRow, URLs for Educators,Curriculum Materials

Center for Effective Parenting, Links for Family Fun

Chatelaine Surf, Money Links

CIOL, India's #1 IT Portal, At Home, Site Seeing, Parenting

Citizens Federal Savings Bank, Helpful Links

City National Bank, Network South Florida, Family, Kids

Goldsheet Publications, Coinsheet Numismatic Directory, New Sites, March 2000

Checkbook 9-1-1, Related Links

Credit Union One, Kid's Center, Allowance!

Crete Schools, Family and Consumer Science, Related Links, Family-Safe Websites

DiscoverNet, Kids/Puzzles on the Web

Donovan Middle School, Surflist, Home Economics

Edmonds School District #15, Economics Place, Featured Sites, Helpful Links

Education World, Parent Resources

eduScapes, Money, Explore Money

Ernst & Young LLP, Personal Financial Counseling, Related Links,

Excite Web Guide,
Family, Parenting, Guides & Advisors
Lifestyle, Family

Excite Site Reviews,
Family, Parenting, Guides & Advisors
Education, K-12, Homework Help, Math

Family Work Connections, Resources -- Web Sites, Parents At Home, Family Financial Management

Financial Finesse,
Resources, Teaching Your Children to be Financially Savvy

First Northern Savings Bank, Kid's Corner

For foraldrar, For familjen

Fort Gordon, Army Community Service, Family Advocacy, Great family-related links

Franklin Savings Bank, Link PicksBanking and Financial Links

Garland Independent School District, Miscellaneous Links, Links of Interest, Family, Kids, Around the house, Finances, Finances for kids Web sites

Houston Energy Credit Union, Cool Links

Houston Highway Credit Union, Financial Links, Cool Links

iMind, Parent, My Child, Parenting

Independent Financial Online Marketing,
Our Favourite Financial & Investment Links
Financial Education

Indian River Federal Credit Union, Take A Closer Look At...

InQuisitive Mind, Parents

Internet Public Library Youth Division, 332: Banks & Money

Investment Company Institute, Online Resources for Young Investors

Investorama, Directory, Learn to Invest, Youth Investing, Complete A to Z Listing

InvestorGuide, Kids and Money

Jill's, Best Web Sites For Kids

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, Websites for Kids

Kansas State University, Family & Consumer Economics, Family Financial Planning

Kids and Money, Online Resources for Becoming a Financially Savvy Family, Allowances

Kids' Corner,
Bell & Howell P'Burg Employees Federal Credit Union
BOPTI Federal Credit Union
Dairyland Power Credit Union
Dallas Cotton Belt Employees Credit Union
Entertainment Capital Federal Credit Union
The LOCAL Federal Credit Union
Nashville Credit Union
Park View Federal Credit Union
St. Paul's Parish Federal Credit Union
U.S. Courthouse S.D.N.Y. Federal Credit Union
Utah Copper Employees Credit Union

KidSense, For Parents, Websites for Parents

Kids Help Online, other related Resources, Internet Resources for the Family Index to Links

KidVidz, Out There! Money Sense For Kids, Websites / Links

Labush, Parents' and Teachers' Links, Parents'

Len-Net, Entertainment Web, The Parent Zone

Lifelines QOL Mall, Personal Financial Management, Web Sites To Use In Financial Management

Looksmart, Kids' Money search

Los Angeles County Office of Education, TEAMS Distance Learning, Parent Resources

Luke Air Force Base, The Family Support Center, Financial Hyperlinks

Macomb Online, Lifestyles, Kids & Money

McGraw-Hill School Division World, Money Matters

Met Life, Life Advice, Kids' Links

The Midwest LINCS Family Literacy Special Collections: Ideas for Parents, Specific Topics About Parenting

Military Financial Network, Kids and Money

Millville Public Schools, New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Standards, Standard 1, Cumulative Progress Indicators With Relevant WWW Resources

Moms Online, Websites: Issuing Allowances, Kidsclub,
Hot Links
For Parents, Guide to Online Investments, Websites for kids (and parents)

Multnomah County Library, Homework Center, Personal Finance, Money

New Jersey Council on Economic Education, The Stock Market Game, Slide 19

NetServe International, "Cool Places" Money, Britannica Internet Guide, Money & Investing, Site Reviews

Northern Trails Area Education Agency, Family and Consumer Science Links, Showcase Sites, Financial Literacy

O Bee's, Favorite Links

Ocean State Community Credit Union, Let Us Link You To Useful Sites On The Web, Orange County's Premier Fun Stuff Resource, Top Kids' Sites

The Ohio State University Extension, Family and Consumer Sciences, Links to Websites Money and Time Management

Omaha Public Schools, Business and Marketing Department, Personal Finance and Business Economic Resources, OPS Curriculum: Business and Marketing Curriculum

Online Shopping Directory, Part 3 - More Shopping Categories, Money, Teaching your kids about money

Open Here, Allowance Statistics, Resources

OzEmail, Finances, Kids & Money

Pagelia's World, Kids' Stuff

Greenbriar Elementary School, Parent Resources

Parenting Q&A,
Recipients of the Parenting Q&A Seal of Approval

Parent Zone, Parenting Seal of Approval

Paula Burch, Parenting Resources

Portland Federal Credit Union, Youth Services Page, Kids K Through 8

Rapid Valley Elementary School, Kids' Money

Republic Bank, Cool Bank for Kids, Interesting Links for -
Parents & Teachers

Rice Public Library, Kids' Links, Allowance

Rutgers University, Computer Science, Donald Watrous,
Things for kids

Savvy Student, Savvy Links

Sawyer Savings Bank, Online, Web Sites About Kids & Money

The Screaming Capitalist, Useful Links

Seed, Educators' Resources on the WWW, Cirriculum Materials

Snap: Business & Money: Personal Finance, Web Sites

Study Web,
Family Science, Teaching Our Children
Family, General Resources

Start Right, U.S. Links

Suncoast Free-Net, Kids Web Sites

Surfaquarium, Innovative Teaching, Multiple Intelligences Immersion, Internet Links Exercising Your Multiple Intelligences

Teacher/Pathfinder, Parent Building, Parenting Resources

Utah Links, Internet Sites for Everyday Life, Money, Business & Personal Finance

Waterloo/Cedar Falls Public Library, Parenting

WebFanatix, Kid's Resources

Manage Your Money
Money Management, Net Articles

WebCrawler, Home & Family, Fun Sites, Reviews

Westmore Elementary School, Parent Resources

Whitehouse, Links

Women's Financial Services, Raising Money-Smart Children Resource Center

World Wide Learn, Online Investing Courses, Learn to Invest Online

Yahoo! Internet Life, Site Reviews

Yahoo! Society and Culture, Families, Parenting,
Hong Kong
United States

Around the World: Money
School Bell: Social Studies: Economics: Money


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