Organizations We Love

These great organizations help promote financial literacy and education in younger generations for a brighter future.


4-H Organization

4-H is a wonderful youth development organization. Here are some of their financial education resources.
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Boy Scouts Organization

The Boy Scouts of America have merit badges that can help kids build strong financial skills.
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CT4ME was created by Dr. Patricia Deubel, who also writes all the essays for this wonderful educational resource.
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Federal Government Programs

A number of financial education initiatives have been undertaken by the Federal Government. Here are just a few of the programs the various agencies have developed.
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Financial Literacy Councils & Commissions

A list of government councils and commissions that are helping teach financial literacy.
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International Organizations

Communities around the world are driving financial education forward for younger generations.
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Kids’ Savings Clubs

Lots of financial institutions offer savings clubs for kids. Here are our favorites.
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Local Government Programs

Here are some of our favorite local government programs that help promote kids' financial literacy.
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Military Workshops

The U.S. military has great partnerships with organizations to promote kids' financial literacy. Here are our favorites.
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Religious Organizations

Many religious organizations have excellent financial education resources for kids. Here are our favorites.
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Young Americans Bank

The Young Americans Center is a great organization that helps develop financial literacy in kids with engaging education and experiences.
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