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On this site, we focus on boosting personal money knowledge for your students. However, a well-rounded education will help your kids become the best they can be so they can be successful – more than just financially. You may need a comprehensive, multi-subject curriculum. Or maybe you want specific resources to teach your kids about math, reading, writing, English, science, art, or other subjects. This guide can be your go-to for all your homeschooling and teaching needs. Let’s dive right in!

Resources to Teach Multiple Subjects

  • 7Sisters: This PDF-heavy resource offers a wide variety of activities and texts. It covers everything, including English, math, science, speech, drama, and even electives you would find in high schools. 
  • The Home Scholar: This site is full of resources, from informative blogs to worksheets to downloadable books. It includes materials for various grade levels and ages, sure to please any homeschooler or teacher.
  • Homeschool Tracker: This resource is invaluable to the homeschool process. It offers an online tool to plan, keep records, and stay on top of reporting required by different states. 
  • ArgoPrep: This site focuses on the two most critical subjects: Math and English. You will find videos and worksheets to increase student comprehension of the core concepts in these subject areas, making it an excellent resource for homeschoolers and teachers.
  • Highlights for Children: This classic kids’ magazine has a website with resources ready to use and implement in the homeschooling curriculum. There are games, activities, projects, and even recipes to keep children interested in learning.
  • Homer: This resource gives students a nice overview of many subjects, including reading, math, social-emotional learning, thinking skills, and creativity. It uses evidence-based practices to deliver personalized instruction to any child.
  • This resource contains many items, including printables, practice tests, and interactive games. Its focus is on improving test scores, which can be challenging for some homeschoolers, and it has a dedicated support team to help with any questions about the program.
  • The Preschool Box: This resource is a winner if you are looking for a subscription-based service that delivers to your door. Each month, you will receive a box full of books, activities, parent instructions, learning objectives, and fun projects for little learners.
  • Living Life and Learning: This resource covers many subjects with an emphasis on STEM. It covers health, social studies, and science topics through in-depth activities, worksheets, and online instruction. 
  • Alpha Omega Publications: This resource offers several programs, each designed to fit the needs of different students. There are complete online programs, workbook-based programs, and curricula that cover all the subjects your homeschooler will need to know.
  • Evan-Moor Educational Publishers: This site has all the resources you could ask for, covering any subject throughout all the grades. There are digital products, printable worksheets, activity books, and complete homeschooling curricula. 

Math Resources

  • You’ve Got This Math: This website contains math activities, worksheets, and printables you can use immediately. It focuses on fractions, decimals, and basic math processes, making it great for young students and reinforcing skills for all ages. It covers other subjects, so if you want reading and science resources, they have those, too. 
  • Math-U-See: This resource takes a unique approach, considering kids’ levels instead of their grades/ages. It uses a mastery method to ensure students fully understand a concept before moving on to another one. You can use the curriculum with all ages – Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Saxon Math: This curriculum resource is excellent for building layers of learning. It uses manipulatives and hands-on materials to show students how to learn math effectively.
  • Life of Fred: In this engaging resource set, students read stories as they learn math concepts. It is a different method than many other curricula and works best for kids who enjoy reading a good book. 
  • Right Start Mathematics: Students will enjoy this curriculum as it gets away from rote memorization and counting, focusing on problems solving instead. Kids use manipulatives and visuals as they play games, complete activities, and move through the program.

Reading Resources

  • Hooked On Phonics: This time-tested resource will have your students reading independently in no time. It builds upon letter-sound identification, and your kids will be reading fluently before you know it. 
  • Starfall: This dynamic resource makes reading fun for homeschoolers and teachers everywhere. It is best for lower elementary schoolers. It has many games to keep kids coming back for more while bolstering their reading skills.
  • Reading Bear: This curriculum focuses on phonetics, teaching kids letter sounds and multi-letter combinations so they can decode words better. It incorporates quizzes and videos to ensure that students retain their learning as they go.
  • Mrs. Perkins’ Dolch Words: Dolch words are specific, common words that kids find in many of their books. This resource has lists of all these words, giving kids a practical base to get reading, decoding, and comprehending.
  • This Reading Mama: This resource has lessons specially designed to raise developing readers to proficient ones. It covers sight words, letters and their sounds, phonological awareness, CVC words, and more, making it a comprehensive program for homeschoolers.

Writing Resources

  • Brave Writer: This writing resource has many lessons and activities to help homeschoolers and teachers. Its curriculum spans from 5 years old through 18, providing leveled practice to students. 
  • WriteShop: This resource includes pre-writing activities and various skill-building exercises. You can have your student take a placement test to see where they should begin the program, helping you get off to a good start in the curriculum.
  • IEW Writing: This extensive resource aims to create lifelong writers, supplying the tools learners need to succeed. There are online lessons, spelling, grammar, writing products, and more. 
  • Essentials in Writing: The videos in this resource provide excellent instruction for your students to learn writing incrementally. It uses teacher modeling, chunking information into manageable amounts, and then shows kids how to put their knowledge to use.
  • Easy Grammar: This resource emphasizes proper grammar and shows kids how it is so essential to good writing. The videos and books include unit tests, reviews, and cumulative exams to ensure mastery of the concepts.

English Resources

  • Literary Adventures for Kids: This English resource has all the components you need to engage kids. It focuses on reading comprehension but ties in fun activities to build skills in many areas of the English curriculum.
  • Bardsy: This resource will have students learning each step of the way. It is a rigorous program that lets students get creative while following the rules of writing and English conventions. 
  • Grammaropolis: This grammar-centric resource stresses the importance of knowing parts of speech, sentence structure, and more. Good English is based on a solid understanding of the building blocks, and this site does an excellent of job showing them to kids.
  • Time4Learning: This resource has an in-depth ELA program covering phonics, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. Your students will enjoy the engaging activities, lessons, and extensions as they develop their abilities. 
  • Rabbit Trails: This resource has a little bit of everything, from novel studies to spelling and language arts. It is best for elementary students and includes worksheets and leveled lessons.
  • All About Learning Press: This resource emphasizes reading and spelling, making it a great approach to teaching English. It uses unique, multisensory methods to ensure that all learners have the same playing field and can master the concepts.

Science Resources

  • Raising Butterflies: This resource walks kids through the process of raising a caterpillar into a butterfly. Your students will love exploring the garden for caterpillars, watching them develop and change, and then releasing them into the wild. 
  • Generation Genius: This resource is full of materials including vocabulary exercises, DIY projects, teacher guides, quizzes, and lesson plans. You can find videos and hands-on activities to keep kids curious about science.
  • Real Science Odyssey: In this program, students read stories, complete hands-on activities, participate in labs, and do WebQuests. Kids learn through experimenting, and the curriculum covers kindergarten through 10th grade for a comprehensive resource. 
  • Science Museum Learning Resources: This excellent resource has a ton of good stuff for your young scientists. It collects various materials from different museums so your students can learn exciting and current information using games, AR, and more. 
  • Ology: Set up by the American Museum of Natural History, this resource dives into the different “ologies” to show kids the scope of science. As your kids learn, you can choose between anthropology, zoology, paleontology, and many more branches of science.

Art Resources

  • Sparketh: This art resource comes with more than 1,000 video lessons, so you can teach art to kids even if you’re no expert. Choose between multiple artistic subjects and styles, including animals, portraits, nature, and food, among many others.
  • The Crafty Classroom: This site provides a wide range of activities, printables, and DIY craft ideas. There is something for everyone, sure to fit into any homeschooling art curriculum. 
  • Artistic Pursuits: This resource breaks down art into a series of units, supplying a broad overview as students go through the program. Kids read a story, analyze a sample masterwork, and complete an art project based on the content.
  • Art For Kids Hub: Students can use this resource to learn how to draw and create art, including painting and origami. There are videos that detail how to draw specific subjects and styles, ensuring your student’s success.
  • Hello Artsy: This resource uses a logical approach to teaching art, having kids create projects step-by-step and with clear explanations. It offers lesson plans and tutorials for everyone, from beginners to advanced artists.

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