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Ohio Bill Would Add Non-Finance Standards to Personal Finance Classes

States should be cautious of diluting financial literacy.

New York Blue Ribbon Commission Recommends More Financial Literacy Education for High School Graduation

Laws often come from bureaucratic recommendations.

Colorado High School Students Hoping to Make Financial Literacy a Graduation Requirement

Financial literacy now a student right in Denver.

Georgia Secretary of State Trying to Boost Financial Literacy Education This Fall

PFL classes need to be actively supported in first year.

Massachusetts Representative Proposes Bill to Require Standalone Financial Literacy Class

Only 5.7% of Mass. teens have standalone PFL course.

New Nation’s Report Card on Financial Literacy for 2023-24 Shows Major Improvements in U.S.

35 percent of states still at a “C” or below.

Senators Romney and Sinema Propose Earn to Learn Act, Which Would Include Financial Literacy Education

Federal action can also spur high school financial literacy.

Expansion of PFL Requirements Leads to Debates About Approved Content Systems

Parents and policymakers debate money messaging.

California May Get Gold Standard of Financial Literacy Education Through Ballot Initiative in 2024

21 states allow citizens to propose statutes.