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Freshman Nevada Legislator Hopes to Make Personal Finance Class Required for High School Graduation

Rookie rep Duy Nguyen has passion for financial literacy.

Large Global Survey of Students Reveals 59 Percent Want More Financial Literacy Education

Desire for real-world knowledge and skills is universal.

Wisconsin Governor Wants $5 Million for Financial Literacy Education

Governor Tony Evers is a former teacher and principal.

West Virginia Governor to Receive Bill Requiring Financial Literacy Education With Exam Component

A step between integrated standards and a standalone class.

New York Legislators Pushing Standalone Personal Finance Class, Says State Shouldn’t be “Left Behind”

NY may join 17 other states requiring high school class.

As More States Add Personal Finance Classes, Teachers Say 12th Grade is Where They Fit Best

Students need life experience to comprehend finances.

Multiple Bills in California Pushing Increased Financial Literacy Education

Nation’s most populous state likely to see more financial education.

Bill in Idaho to Require High School Financial Literacy Class Unanimously Passes House Education Committee

State reports it can use existing resources to implement course.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Providing Financial Literacy Education Grants to Libraries

Financial literacy education should be available to non-students as well.

Money is Tighter for Millenials: 40 Percent of Adults Age 26-41 Rely on Some Parental Financial Support

Young people lack any room for financial mistakes.

House Bill 99 in Maryland Would Require High School Graduates to Complete Personal Finance Course

State hopes to join 15 others with finance graduation requirement.