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New York City Mayor to Include Financial Literacy Education in Youth and Community Development Programs

Eric Adams wants youth to know about money and saving.

Congressmen Craft Bill to Require U.S. Department of Defense Schools to Teach Financial Literacy

The DoD could join 22 states in requiring a PFL course.

Oregon Senate Bill Would Require Financial Literacy and Career Path Courses for High School Graduation

Students would get one year of building real-world skills.

National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) Calls for States to Assess Financial Literacy Knowledge

Nonprofit wants financial literacy to receive core subject rigor.

Largest School District in Maryland On Path to Require Financial Literacy Class for High School Graduation

Some school districts add PFL requirement independently.

High School Victors Crowned in Council for Economic Education’s National Personal Finance Challenge

Financial literacy competitions could engage students.

Delaware State Rep Uses Personal Experience as Educator to Push for Required PFL Class in High School

Adjunct professor Jeff Hilovsky wants students better prepared.

Minnesota Becomes Twentieth “Gold Standard” State for Personal Financial Literacy Education

Successful bill was part of major group initiative.

More Than Just a Class: All Georgia High School Graduates Get Financial Literacy Book

Grads should have something tangible to refer to when facing financial questions.

Maine State Senator Proposes Bill to Require PFL Class for High School Graduation

Students who have taken the elective PFL course offer high praise.

New Data Shows 70 Percent of Adults Have No Financial Education, Literacy Declining Over Past 12 Years

Over 3/5 of U.S. adults never offered financial education.