For Parents

Allowance Magic

Allowance Magic gives parents everything they need to take an often ineffective or nonexistent allowance program and turn it into one of the most incredible learning adventures their kids will ever experience.


Build Smart Money Habits for Your Kid’s Future.

The results can be life changing. With Allowance Magic, children develop the skills and habits they need to lead a life of financial prosperity and joy. The typical money problems, faced by most adults, are virtually elminated. Turn stress into success! All it takes is a little Allowance Magic.


Fun For Parents and Kids

Allowance Magic includes two distinct sections.

The first is for parents. It presents an overview of the challenges you face in helping your children become financially responsible along with the specific actions you can take to overcome those obstacles. It also leads you through the process of setting limits and establishing rules. Once you complete this section, you will have put together an allowance program that's just right for you and your kids.

The second section - The Kid's Money Wizard Journal - is for your kids. Once they complete it, you review and discuss their information with them. In the process, both you and your children work together to establish age-appropriate responsibilities and expectations. The completed Journal serves as a written record of the agreements you've reached and it becomes your child's working financial plan.

Clear coaching for parents

Fun worksheets for your kids

Complete financial plan to follow

It's All Laid Out In the Allowance Potion

  • Which allowances to give
  • Amount and frequency of allowances
  • Allowance transfer rules
  • Which type of savings to match
  • Allowance advance rules
  • And more!
Author Spotlight

David McCurrach

David McCurrach has always been known as an innovator, a communicator, and a man on a mission. As a parent of five children, and even with a long career in banking and credit union industries, he has struggled with the same financial challenges that all parents face.

He took it upon himself to research the field of children's financial education. He read all the available material, talked with many of the experts in the field, and applied what he learned to his own kids. The results were incredible. It totally changed the financial dynamics of the parent/child relationship.

In the early '90s, he developed a workbook to help his children and others learn to manage their money. He began working with neighborhood families and friends, who quickly achieved the same spectacular results.

Seeing the Internet as an opportunity to help even more parents, he created the Kids' Money website in 1995. He has published two other kids financial education books: Kids' Allowances - How Much, How Often & How Come, A Guide for Parents (2000), The Allowance Workbook for Kids and Their Parents (2000), and Allowance Magic: Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards (2003). The Kids' Money team updated Allowance Magic in 2022 and published the 2nd edition.

The Purpose

The purpose of Allowance Magic is two-fold. The first objective is awareness - to help parents become aware of the unique opportunity they have to prepare their kids for success in a world fraught with financial challenges and hardships. Without parental guidence, kids are at the mercy of aggressive advertisers who have a whole different agenda when it comes to establishing their spending, saving and sharing habits.

The second objective is empowerment - to equip parents with the tools they need to help their kids develop sound financial habits. These tools are designed to be simple to learn and easy to use. They respect the many demands parents have on their time and energy. Their effectiveness has been demonstrated by thousands of parents and kids that have used them with great success over the last several years.

The Process

The process used in Allowance Magic involves two steps. The first is education. The entire program is presented to parents in the first three information-packed pages of the book. These pages describe the process in detail, highlight the benefits, and allay the myths. The Challenge pages then instruct kids on techniques they can use to hone their money management skills.

The second step is action. Knowing is not enough. Without action, there is no program - there is no benefit to the education. Action is required to complete the process - to achieve the goals. Allowance Magic takes parents through a brief step-by-step process to complete a one-page worksheet that specifies all the aspects of their program. Kids then complete the workbook section. That process helps kids get in the habits of planning their expenditures as they progress towards saving and sharing goals.

The completed book becomes your kids working financial plan. It contains all the structure and specifics they need to begin to develop effective financial habits.

Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards

Curious what a good allowance program will do to teach your kids smart financial habits? Grab your copy of Allowance Magic and find out! We are positive that if you commit you and your kids will enjoy the results.