We’re all about transparency here at Kids’ Money, so here is a log of all the major updates we’ve made recently. Have ideas for Kids’ Money? Let us know!


Content Updates

Refreshing Old Articles

April 22, 2022

Status: In progress.

What We’re Solving For: Several pages on Kids’ Money had not been updated in several years and many had links to broken resources. We knew we had to bring those articles a fresh look and update any outdated advice.

The Update: We refreshed over 100 articles on Kids’ Money with updated advice (still the same tried and true concepts), examples, and recommendations. We still have some pages to tackle, which we will update over time.

Fresh Lesson Plans

July 6, 2022

Status: Completed! Well, the first round anyway. Initial lesson plans for Pre-K all the way through 12th grade are live!

What We’re Solving For: We needed to update the lesson plans in the teachers’ section to reflect the latest National Standards for Financial Literacy. Many of the external resources listed in that section were broken too.

The Update: We are creating new lesson plans for every grade that cover the necessary financial topics at that age and provide fun and relevant activities for the modern learner. We also updated and added to the list of supplementary learning resources for each grade level.

Covering Breaking News

July 27, 2022

Status: Launched!

What We’re Solving For: There is a lack of consistent news coverage for financial literacy and money education topics – we want to change that.

The Update: We hired a reporter with several years of experience covering finance and education, and officially published our first stories! The next step is ramping up our regular reporting and covering developing stories over time.

Organization & Visual Updates

Mobile Responsive

April 22, 2022

Status: Completed!

What We’re Solving For: The old version of Kids’ Money did not respond to mobile devices, which means our readers needed to “pinch and zoom” with their fingers to read the content. We needed to make the site mobile responsive to improve the overall reader experience.

The Update: We moved Kids’ Money to a whole new tech stack and content management system with a theme that is mobile responsive and looks good on any device. So, no matter if you’re browsing on your laptop, tablet, or phone, you’ll be able to view Kids’ Money with ease.

Cleaner Navigation

April 22, 2022

Status: Completed!

What We’re Solving For: Kids’ Money has always been very intuitively organized, but the main navigation at the top of the site needed reorganizing to help our readers get to the articles they wanted to view faster.

The Update: Along with the theme refresh, we reorganized the main navigation to include three levels. First, the “tippy-top” navigation with links to the main entrances for all perspectives of the site: Kids, Parents, Teens, College Students, and Teachers. No matter where you are, you can always get back to home base for your section or travel to another section. Second, the main navigation now includes links to all of the main topics for each section: Saving, Spending, Earning, and Sharing. Along with the main entrance for each section, these collections of pages should help any reader get where they need to go. Third, we reorganized and added pages to the footer navigation for readers who are interested in learning more about Kids’ Money or getting involved in some way.

Fun, Updated Look

April 22, 2022

Status: Completed!

What We’re Solving For: The previous design on Kids’ Money had been around since the early 2000s – it was time for a fresh look!

The Update: We completely overhauled the branding, colors, and design of Kids’ Money to be more modern and fun. The black and white theme and playful illustrations turn every page into a virtual coloring book. So, if you want to print a page out and hand your kids some colored markers – go right ahead!

Community Updates

Establishing Social Media Profiles

April 22, 2022

Status: In progress.

What We’re Solving For: Before this year, Kids’ Money didn’t have much of a presence on social media. We wanted to change that and provide meaningful opportunities for us to engage with you and the broader financial literacy community.

The Update: We established profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (to start) and put together a gameplan for regular posting and interaction with the community. More social presences to come!