How to Navigate

Think of Kid’s Money like a pyramid. Many sides all leading to one peak – financial literacy.


The Pyramid

To get a better idea of how to find the information you need, it's helpful to think of Kids' Money in terms of a pyramid. Each side represents one of many perspectives from which you can pursue your quest for financial education.


Kids' Money for Kids represents one side of the pyramid. This area has fun and educational games, activities, and information for kids.


Kids' Money for Parents provides information parents can use to help them put together and maintain an effective program to teach their kids about money and money management and help them kids develop strong financial habits.


Kids' Money for Teachers includes objectives, lesson plans, materials and many other resources for teachers to use in the classroom or home.


Kids' Money for Teens focuses on the more complex financial challenges kids face as teenagers. Some areas address important topics like career planning, financial planning and wealth building.


Kids' Money for College Students focuses on the complex topics of college finances and preparing to be an adult in the workforce.

Sections Within Each Perspective

There will always be at least four sections within each perspective, covering important components of financial education. 



Learn how to develop and teach great saving habits from a young age.



Find out how to budget and cultivate smart spending habits.



Kids are hungry to earn their own money. Do it responsibly.



Giving back is a big part of financial wellness, here's how to develop it.

Going Further

Depending on the section, we also include information on other important financial education topics.

  • Credit
  • Insurance
  • Investing
  • Taxes
  • And More

How to Find Your Way Home

If you need to go back at any time, just use the links at the tippy top of the site to get back to the home for your section or click the Kids' Money logo. You can also look for your section color at the top of the page and use the breadcrumbs to navigate back to the center for the topic you're reading about.


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