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Council for Economic Education Annual Conference Should See More Teachers Thanks to New PFL Requirements

It’s important for new PFL teachers to share resources.

National Association of Realtors Wants to Help Teach Financial Literacy to High School Students in 2024

Buying a house is one of life’s biggest financial decisions.

TikTok’s Viral but Controversial “Girl Math” Reveals Why Financial Literacy Education is Important

Is it a harmless trend, or could it reinforce stereotypes?

Illinois is First State to Legislate a New Financial Frontier: Compensating Minors in Influencer Videos

An early ‘90s issue returns for the social media era.

2023 Fidelity Survey of Teens and Recent College Grads Reveals Need for Financial Literacy Education

Youth face sticker shock when it comes to higher ed.

National Council for Workforce Education Giving Grants to 4 Community Colleges for Financial Literacy Coaching

Many students struggle with school due to financial stress.

New York City Mayor to Include Financial Literacy Education in Youth and Community Development Programs

Eric Adams wants youth to know about money and saving.

Congressmen Craft Bill to Require U.S. Department of Defense Schools to Teach Financial Literacy

The DoD could join 22 states in requiring a PFL course.

Oregon Senate Bill Would Require Financial Literacy and Career Path Courses for High School Graduation

Students would get one year of building real-world skills.

National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) Calls for States to Assess Financial Literacy Knowledge

Nonprofit wants financial literacy to receive core subject rigor.

Largest School District in Maryland On Path to Require Financial Literacy Class for High School Graduation

Some school districts add PFL requirement independently.