Kids’ Savings Clubs

Lots of financial institutions offer savings clubs for kids. Here are our favorites.


Savings clubs for kids have always been a popular offering for financial institutions. More and more organizations are recognizing the benefits of such programs:

  • Kids often stay with the same institution where they first begin to save
  • More frequent visits by parents provide increased opportunities to sell more products and services

At the same time, kids’ saving clubs are becoming more and more substantial. Many of today’s clubs include characters, songs, games, other activities, and marketing materials. Here are just a few we’ve found. Please let us know of any other clubs available to financial institutions.

Dollar Dog Kids Club

The Dollar Dog Kids Club® is the easy way to teach children ages 12 and under how to manage and save money. Dollar Dog is pure fun and a heroic symbol kids can easily identify with when they come to the credit union and visit your website. When Dollar Dog talks about saving, kids listen.

Early Bird Savings Club

There’s no better way to cultivate loyal members for the future than to get them involved in their credit union at an early age. Through games, activities, giveaways, and mailings, the Early Bird Savings Club teaches children from birth to age 12 the importance and benefits of being a credit union member.

Looney Tunes Savings Club

Financial institutions can provide an extra level of service to your customers with the Looney Tunes® Savings Club. This licensed product, featuring Bugs Bunny and All-Star Taz, is specifically designed to acquire and retain households with children and develop long-term financial relationships with them, as well as their parents.

Scottie Savers

The Scottie Savers Club, founded in 1985, is a simple, cost-effective program designed to encourage children to open accounts and save money at credit unions. Scottie encourages kids to “Save for a Sunny Day.” The Club offers a wide variety of newsletters, clothing apparel, games, and other premiums to distribute to club members.

The Money Mammals Club

The Money Mammals® Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club™ is a fresh, customizable program that focuses on the relevant financial literacy issues of today and the future. Their mission is to get kids and parents to associate great money habits – and loyalty – with their partners. The Money Mammals Kids Club attracts parents and kids, encouraging them to open credit union accounts that will start them on the right track towards a positive financial future.