4-H Organization

4-H is a wonderful youth development organization. Here are some of their financial education resources.


About 4-H

4-H is a network of youth organizations that provide kids with mentors, learning materials, community, and the tools they need to build a brighter future for themselves and others.

State 4-H programs within the Cooperative Extension System, National 4-H Headquarters at USDA, and National 4-H Council formed a partnership to provide leadership for the development of National 4-H Curriculum. More than 180 curriculum products are available, including several focusing on youth financial education.

Here are a few financial education resources that 4-H offers.

4-H Financial Education Resources

Financial Literacy Facilitator Materials

4-H offers a variety of financial literacy resources for educators in their financial literacy facilitator bundle. This pack of several resources includes their Smart Cents workbook, My Financial Future curriculum, Money Fundamentals guide, Money Moves guide, and Reading Makes Cents book. You can view the full materials here. Each of these books is also available individually.

Reading Makes Cents is a collection of 53 experimental activities developed around exemplary children’s literature that has money as a theme. The selected literature explores ideas, activities, and strategies that help children learn how to earn, save, share and spend. Includes a rich diversity of settings, people, income levels, relationships, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, holidays, and intergenerational friendships all related to money messages and learning. Intended for Grades 3 – 5.

Entrepreneurship Helper’s Guide

The material covers life skills, teaching using Experimental Learning Model, entrepreneurship, answers to questions in the youth manual, and experimental activities correlated to the national standards.

Entrepreneurship: Be the E

This material covers:

  • Learn about business types, products, pricing, marketing, agreements and contracts.
  • Go through the process of developing a business plan and starting a business.
  • Do market surveys, budget forecasts, exit strategies, ethics and more.

Consumer Savvy

  • The Consumer in Me: Kids experience what it means to be a consumer in terms of saving, spending, and sharing.
  • Consumer Wise: Introduces kids to the influence of peer pressure, the power of advertising and the expanding Internet marketplace as they learn to make independent shopping decisions.
  • Consumer Roadmap: Teens navigate the potholes in the marketplace enroute to becoming savvy consumers.
  • Helper’s Guide: Materials that help volunteers facilitate learning situations for various ages of children. Numerous group activities are suggested to help kids develop essential skills as they pursue their interest in consumer education.

Teen Corps Facilitator Guide

This guide helps teens get ready for leadership opportunities and the workforce. It contains three sections for youth and community development, workforce readiness, and environmental science.