Religious Organizations

Many religious organizations have excellent financial education resources for kids. Here are our favorites.


A lot of religious organizations around the world offer financial education resources for both kids and adults. Whether it is through a program that these organizations offer directly or through a partner, they have a meaningful impact on their communities.

Here are some of the financial education resources offered through religious organizations that we’ve gathered over the years. If you have suggestions for any other programs that we should look at, please drop us a message.

Crown Financial Ministries

This organization is a Christian non-profit that helps people all over the world improve their financial education and provide unique experiences for stewardship. Crown Financial Ministries can connect you with a budget coach or career consultant, help find you a career, do a free debt analysis, and has lots of helpful tools on their website.

Compass Catholic Ministries

This entire organization is dedicated to helping Catholic couples manage their money. Compass Catholic Ministries offers partnerships with local parishes, online studies, independent small group studies, and individual studies. They even have a podcast you can listen to for free and lots of tools and calculators on their website.

Catholic Family Federal Credit Union

This credit union offers tons of financial education resources for free, no matter if you’re a member or not. They even have a curriculum for kids to help them on their financial journey through childhood and into adulthood.


While not organizations, these religion-minded books are helpful financial education resources for faith-centered people.

God, Marriage and Money

This book can help get the conversation going about money management topics between couples. It goes over the questions that you should ask each other before the wedding and how to keep the conversation going during the marriage.

Catholic Guide to Managing Your Money

This book covers seven steps to help you manage your money in marriage and become financially free. It covers everything from investing, to spending, budgeting, saving, and more.