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Allowances Survey for Kids

Find out how many kids your age get an allowance, what they spend it on, and how much everyone is saving.


Allowances can be an important part of how you learn about finances as a kid. I’m sure you have a lot of questions though. How much allowance should you get? How frequently should you get an allowance? Should there be any rules for your allowance? There are tons of other kids asking the same questions!

We’ve surveyed thousands of kids since we started Kids’ Money all those years ago to help you answer these questions. If you want to contribute and help other kids just like you, fill out the quick allowance survey below. If you just want to see the results, scroll down past the survey. Thanks and good luck on your allowance and financial education journey!

The Survey

The Results

Do you get an allowance?

77% of survey respondents get an allowance.

How much is your allowance per week?

According to all survey respondents, kids make an average weekly allowance of $10.15.

Do you have to do chores for your allowance?

70% of survey respondents said they have to do chores for their allowance.

Do you have to save some of your allowance?

38% responded that they have to save a portion of their allowance.

Can you pretty much spend your allowance any way you want?

68% responded that they can pretty much spend their allowance how they want.

Are you satisfied with your allowance system or lack of one?

69% are satisfied with their allowance or lack of one.

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