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Here are some fun and education YouTube channels to check out about careers!


If you’re a kid curious about what it’s like to have a particular career, you’re in luck! There are tons of great career videos for kids about career exploration on YouTube. In this article, we will recommend 38 educational YouTube channels that feature career videos for kids and tell you a little about each one. They can help introduce kids to different careers and give them an idea of what the job is like. So whether you’re interested in becoming an astronaut or a veterinarian, there’s sure to be something here for you!

Recommended YouTube Channels and Videos

Careers Out There” – This channel is all about helping kids learn more about different careers. Each video features a different career and includes interviews with people who work in that field. There are also videos about job-related skills, like writing a resume or interviewing for a job.

Cool Jobs Show” – As the name suggests, this channel is all about showcasing cool jobs that kids can aspire to. From cartoonist to art therapist about jobs in the creative economy, many interesting careers are featured here.

Career Spotlight” – This channel shines a spotlight on different careers and tells kids what it’s like to work in that field. There are videos about different jobs under the engineering design process.

Job Song-Work People do” – This channel is all about showing kids different jobs through song and video. The songs are catchy and fun, and the videos feature people working in various careers.

KiwiCo” – This channel is all about STEM careers. They have videos about different science, technology, engineering, and math jobs. The videos are fun and interactive for kids and parents to explore together.

Kid President” – This channel is all about inspiring kids to change the world. Kid President interviews people from different careers, and he also gives advice on things like leadership and following your dreams.

HiHo Kids” – This channel is about kids learning through play. They have videos about different careers and videos about other topics like history and science.

Kids Tell Us What They Want To Be When They Grow Up” – This channel is all about kids sharing their dreams for the future. In these videos, you’ll hear from kids of all ages about what they want to be when they grow up.

How to Choose the Right Career Path in 7 Simple Steps” – This video is all about helping kids figure out what they want to do with their lives. Break down the process into 7 easy steps.

Career Addict” – This channel is about helping people find their dream job. They have videos about different careers and tips and advice on things like resumes and interviews.

What’s your path after High-School” – This video tells of a personal story on trying to find a career path that is best for you and suggestions to help you on your way.

How to Choose a Career Based on Interests – The Strong Interest Inventory” – This video is about learning more about yourself and your interests and how they can help you choose a career path you enjoy.

Jobs I Can Have When I Grow Up” – This video is all about different careers and fun guessing games. It goes over different aspects of each job and what you can expect if you choose that path.

Kreative Leadership” – This YouTube channel is all about social-emotional learning (SEL), developing self-awareness, self-regulation, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success.

Career Connections for Kids” – This channel is all about helping kids learn more about different careers. Each video features a different career and includes interviews with people who work in that field.

Education and Career Guidance” – This Youtube channel is all about education and career guidance. They have videos on things like choosing the right degree, writing a resume, and how to get a job.

8 Steps to Successful Career Planning” – This video is all about helping you figure out what you want to do with your life. It goes over different aspects of each job and what you can expect if you choose that path.

Small Talk” – In this episode of Small Talk, they go over all of the various job options available and why loving what you do for a living is so important.

The Mindset of a Champion” – This video shares personal stories of success and failure through the perspective of a kid Carson Byblow, who learned how to change his fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

How to Set Smart Goals” – This video is all about setting goals and how to achieve them. Smart-Measurable-Achievable-Realistic-Timely goals are essential for success in any career path.

Curious Kids” – This youtube channel explores some interesting and unusual career options with various people who were inspired to follow their dreams. Their visits range from Florida cracker cowboys to a marine biologist working with dolphins, to a judge, and follows creative professions.

A Kids Class About Discovering your Passion” – This video trailer breaks down what it means to explore your passion and energy how it drives actions.

A Kids Class About” – A Kids Class About: An education streaming platform designed for tweens and teens, focused on careers, life skills, and big ideas.

How to Find Your Passion- 11 abilities (which one is for you)” – This video goes over the 11 abilities and how to find what you are passionate about. Curiosity is a large part of finding a career you love.

10 Best Careers To Study If..” – This video covers some of the best courses to study and which field of study is a good fit based on your interest.

Top 10 opportunities for Journalists from Developing Countries” – This video is about the journalism profession and the top ten opportunities available for journalists from developing countries.

23 Jobs of The Future (and jobs that have no future)” – This video is all about jobs of the future and which jobs will not have a future. It is important to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends.

Let’s Explore Science Careers” – This video is all about helping kids learn more about science careers. The meaning of science, the different types of scientists, and what they do are all explored in this video.

10 Careers Involving Science Or Technology” – This video was inspired by a school project. It discusses degree options, salary ranges, and various careers that involve science or technology.

Best Trade Jobs for 2020” – This video explores common trade jobs and salary ranges, from HVAC technician to construction manager.

What Are The Most Lucrative Trades?” – This video explains trade schools, also known as vocational schools. 10 of the most lucrative trades with average salaries are listed.

Can You Imagine That?” – Radical Jr. has over 110 videos. This YouTube channel focuses on the power of imagination. With blended animation it covers many careers, such as being an astronaut, a musician, and almost everything in between.

Crash Course Kids” – If we want to create a home, hang out, or dine with our friends, we’ll need specialized engineering known as architecture. This channel covers a wide range of topics.

Occupation Names- Learning Job Professions List for Kids in English” – This video is perfect for younger kids just learning about careers. The various names of occupations are listed with picture examples.

Virtual Career Day for Elementary Kiddos: What are physical Therapists” – In this virtual career day, you’ll find Dr. Tiffaney Hunter (Doctor of Physical Therapy) talking about her career.

Career Day for Kids w/ Mr. Franklin McNeil, Jr.” – Watch Mr. Franklin McNeil, Jr. Vice President and Community Consultant at PNC Services Group share his military experience in the service academy for Career Day.

Academic Minute” – This is a great YouTube video for Middle School Career Exploration. Discuss experiences that help you work towards goals and making career choices.

#Futureready: Exploring Careers” – This video walks you through career exploration with research, subjects, and resources that help you to continue to a career. For example, if you are interested in social studies, then a museum curator could be a good fit. The video encourages you to focus on what you are good at and your passion.

These 38 channels are just a few of our favorites and are great career videos for kids of all ages. They are fun, educational, and provide a great introduction to various professions. Remember job descriptions, trends, and your interest may change. You want to research and ask questions to get a realistic idea about each job. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process of learning about different careers!

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