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Best Coin Collecting Folders for Kids

A folder is a great way to organize all of your coins. Here are our favorites!


Coin collections should be stored in a cool, dry place that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight to keep coins in excellent condition and maintain their value. Some kids start with a binder with plastic sleeves with individual slots for each coin, but this method can cause some havoc if the binder accidentally gets knocked over or coins somehow fall out of the sleeves.

The binder method is usually great for older kids who have learned how to log coins and handle them properly, so this can be a great goal to shoot for! When looking at pages for coin collecting binders, make sure they don’t have PVC and are acid-free because either will damage coins. 

Why Choose a Coin Collecting Folder?

The benefit of coin collection folders for kids is that they are fun to look at and interact with. Each slot is sized to fit that coin, and most of the labeling has already been done, so figuring out which coin goes in each space is easier. 

Some coin collecting resources come in fun shapes like the map of the United States with each state labeled and a spot to insert a coin from that state. Many will have fun facts or history of the coins in that collection which is fun to learn and share with other people!

Coin collecting folders allow kids to store coins safely, so none get lost or scratched up. Let’s look at some fun options for storing coin collections!

State Quarters for Kids Collector’s Folder

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This folder is from Warman’s and aimed at coins that are a little bit older to teach younger children the history of the late 1990s into early 2000s and show how much the world has changed since then. Warman’s is a well-known company in the coin collecting community and offers many resources for collectors that are high quality.

Reviews on this product show that the slots to add coins fit a little snug and kids feel that this will hold their coins without allowing them to fall out. Some parents have been asked to help kids put the coins in the slots initially but after the child learns how to do it independently, there aren’t any problems.

Whitman US Lincoln Cent Coin Folder Four Volume Set

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Whitman coin folders are some of the best in the industry, and serious coin collectors have used them since 1930 for kids from 8 through to adults in their prime years. This company has been built from generations of coin collectors. 

Each folder has details on mints. No coins are included in this purchase. Pennies are a great way to start kids in coin collecting because it’s inexpensive and fun!

America National Park Commemorative Quarter Folder

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Littleton is another company that is well known for coin collecting. This coin folder is for the American National Park Commemorative, so the coins are recent and easier to come by. Each space is clearly labeled with series and mintage information. 

Consider this an opportunity for kids to explore the different national parks and learn about them is a great learning experience!

HE Harris Folder Sacagawea Dollars

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HE Harris coin folders are sought after in the coin collecting community for acid-free materials, professional looks, and beautiful design. This company has provided generations of coin collectors with full-color displays, mintage information, and statistics for coins since 1916. 

Sacagawea Dollars are unique and beautiful. Looking up the history of Sacagawea and her contributions to history can teach both parents and kids so much! Some kids get excited that there is a woman on this coin because not many coins have women on their face.

Dansco US American Silver Eagle Coin Album

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Dansco is a big name in the coin collecting world and is known for high-quality folders and binders. The company had a significant flood in 2020, so production has stalled, increasing pricing for the available supply and decreasing sources of these folders. 

This album has screws holding the binding, which makes it durable enough to hold American Silver Eagle coins. This coin is heavy because it’s made up of 99.93% silver and .07% copper.

Zaioo World Coin Collectors Starter Kit

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This set has international coins included and a magnifying lens and coin tweezers that are safe to use when handling coins. Reviews cite this set as perfect for beginners, and parents enjoy learning about the coins and the countries they come from with their kids. The coins included with the kit are random, so it’s fun to see what coins will be sent with this package!

Twenty-four coins are included, but this will hold sixty, so there is plenty of room to grow. Friends and family may be willing to share coins from their journeys or that they have collected themselves.

Coin Collection Book Holder for Collectors

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If you plan on taking coins with you to clubs, stores, or shows where you can show your coins to others, this album is great to take with you and holds coins and paper currency. Each sleeve has a flap at the top that will hold the coin securely in place, and the case can be zipped up to prevent movement of the contents. 

The case is water-resistant unlike many coin folders. This item doesn’t have specifically labeled slots like coin folders do but keeping options open and choosing what coins to collect is a great way to allow creativity!

Coin Collecting Log Book For Kids

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Keep track of coins that have been collected using a logbook that has prompts to include the date, coin, coin description, where the coin was purchased or acquired from, date purchased, and notes. This is recommended for kids over the age of 6 to prevent choking on small coins and the need to write in the logbook to track coins.

3 Penny Passport Souvenir Elongated Coin Albums

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Not every coin collected has monetary value; some have sentimental value and contain memories from past experiences. This coin album can be used to keep souvenir pennies from tourist attractions all over the country to have fond memories of the visit later on. 

We have collected pennies from the press machine at locations all over the country and recently introduced my nieces to the process. The machine we stopped at cost three quarters as a fee and the pressed penny. There were four designs, and we had to get all four for the girls because they were just so excited. This has been a fantastic experience for them, and they have told all of their friends about their adventure into coin collecting.

Wheat Penny Starter Album Collection Kit

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This package comes with wheat cents in great condition, including the 1943 steel cent, magnifying glass, and two folders for holding pennies. Thousands of reviews support that this set is a great way for kids to start coin collecting and will quickly build a passion for this hobby! 

The wheat cents included vary between 1909 to 1958, with 9 wheat cents and 1 wartime cent included. Coins are held securely in the 90 slots available in the folders and are easy for kids to put them in by themselves.

Folders Preserve History

Collecting coins is a great way to get kids interested in money management and investing. Skills learned as a kid can be carried into adulthood to be used later in life for running a business or working a job. Learning how to:

  • Research
  • Negotiate sales or purchases
  • Log the value
  • Track the value
  • Interact with adults in a professional way
  • Responsibility
  • Attention to detail
  • Math and counting
  • History and culture
  • Goal setting
  • Organizational skills

History is something that we can all learn from and value. Kids who want to learn about the history of coins should absolutely be encouraged. Parents who wish to pass on their knowledge about coins from their childhood offer a great bonding experience. Grandparents may be able to share stories from their lives when some of these coins were first put into circulation.

My grandparents lived during the Great Depression and shared how life was different then. Their house was purchased for $6,600, and the cost of eggs then was 47 cents. My father would take a few pennies down to the corner store as a kid to purchase a few candies from the candy counter. It was a very different time and one that we can all learn from.

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