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Babysitting Survey for Kids

Not sure how much to charge for babysitting? You’re not alone! Here’s what everyone else is charging and some other great babysitting tips.


Babysitting is such a great job to have as a kid to make some extra money so you can afford that cool new game or ice cream with friends. For many kids like you, it’s tough to know what to charge for babysitting!

Over the years, we’ve surveyed thousands of kids to find out what everyone is charging per hour for babysitting. We also asked how much kids charge for babysitting more than one kid, how they get babysitting jobs, and their best tips!

Check out the survey results below and if you’ve been a babysitter before you should fill out our survey too so you can help other kids! Good luck and make sure to head over to our main page for how to make money babysitting for more tips on this awesome job.

The Survey

The Results

Check out the latest Babysitting Survey results.

Here’s how kids come up with an hourly rate:

  • 52% leave it up to the parent(s)
  • 43% set an hourly rate
  • 6% use another approach

Here are the average hourly rates by age:

Age Avg Hr Rate Rate Per Added Kid
11 $3.02 $1.34
12 $3.77 $1.68
13 $3.70 $1.15
14 $3.52 $1.33
15 $5.85 $2.30
16 $4.29 $1.61
17 $3.13 $0.88
18 $5.00 $3.00

We ran everyone’s best tips for babysitting jobs through a text analysis tool to get the most common tips and themes. Here are some of them.

  • “Do what they want to do” – Obviously within reason 🙂
  • “Have fun with the kids” – This is really important to get you invited back!
  • “Take a course” – There are several babysitting certification courses (like the American Red Cross Babysitting Classes) that you can take to prepare for your first babysitting job.
  • “Be nice to the kids” – That’s a given! Being polite with parents was also a top tip.
  • “In case of emergency…” – Always have an emergency plan to call someone if health issues arise or something else happens.
  • “Interview” – Give an interview about yourself and get an interview about the child to see what they like, when they should go to bed, favorite games and what foods they like and dislike, and more.

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