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Best Books About Making Money for Kids

Here are our favorite reads to help you learn about making money and get ideas for your next business!


You’re smart and money-savvy. You’ve been learning a lot about how to manage your money and how to spend it wisely. Now, you just need some cash coming in so you can put all that knowledge to use!

If you’re ready to make bank, we’ve got you covered. Our money-making book list will guide you to the world of wealth.

And because we want you to learn everything you need about making money, we’ve organized our list into different categories. This will help you find the books that are just right for you and keep your eye on other books you might want to read in the future. 

Ready to make your vision a reality? Check out this selection and put all these great ideas to the test!

Best Books for Kids 4-8

Ever wondered how you’d spend your money if you won the lottery or earned a million dollars? Then it’s time to read If You Made a Million. In this book, Marvelosissimo the Mathematical Magician walks you through the ins and outs of earning money and what to do with it once you have it.

There are so many ways for young kids to earn money, and Ella’s not afraid to give them a try! In Ella Earns Her Own Money, you can follow this driven young girl in a money-making adventure that’ll inspire your own! Will Ella make enough money to buy her soccer ball? And how will you start to earn money to get the things that are on your list?

Apple Farmer Annie is a resourceful harvester who makes the most of what she grows. Annie keeps busy and makes money by getting creative with the apples she picks. If you’re a kid who loves gardening and nature, this one will be right up your alley!

And if you’re a pet lover, you’ve got to check out Lulu Walks the Dogs. But this book isn’t just for kids with furry friends. This book is for kids on a mission with such a hard-working and motivated main character. After a bunch of Lulu’s money-making gigs don’t pan out as she had hoped, this book will teach you all about not letting failure get in the way of your financial goals!

Best Books for Kids 9-12

For readers who are ready for more advanced concepts, we recommend Heads Up Money. It’ll get your wheels spinning with real-life situations and colorful graphics that make concepts easier to understand. Best of all, this is the kind of book that grows along with you. You’ll probably find yourself using it even when you’re a teenager or a college student!

If the title How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000 isn’t enough to make you crack this book open, you’ll just have to take our word for it and get it ASAP. It’s a goldmine for millionaire kids in the making that does more than just teach you how to make the big bucks. It also goes over the right ways to save and spend your money.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed of being an influencer. Who hasn’t?! If you dream of becoming a YouTube sensation, you need to get your hands on How to Start a YouTube Channel. Written by a YouTuber whose videos have 440 million views, this book also includes tips from other pros. It’s everything you need to know to turn your video passion into a business.

Best Stories About Earning Money

Looking for an entertaining story to learn about earning money? Check out The Ant and the Grasshopper. It’s a classic fable for all ages – even the older kiddos. We love this book because it reminds us of the value of hard work and consistency.

Storytime is about to get better with Jasmine Launches a Startup. Share this adventure with a visionary kidpreneur who wants to create a company that changes the world. With advice from her dad and support from her cousin, Jasmine overcomes the troubles of starting a new business and figures out ways to help sick kids.

Can a hand-me-down turn into a full-fledged business? Yes, it can! Wanna read all about it? Check out Lawn Boy, the story of a boy who gets his grandpa’s old lawnmower and starts working for his neighbors. When one of his clients starts teaching him all about finance, this 12-year old learns how to multiply his money and turn it into a profitable business.

The next summer, Lawn Boy Returns and is ready to make more money than ever. This year, Lawn Boy ends up doing a TV interview that puts his business on the map. He learns all about the power of marketing, PR, and becoming famous (kinda)…And they say sequels are never any good!

Funniest Books About Earning Money

Looking for a LOL book about money? Check out this hilarious title: How the Second Grade Got $8,205.50 to Visit the Statue of Liberty. But the thing about this adventure is that it inspires you to reach your goals.

If you see a business opportunity, you should go for it! And with the story of Greg Kenton, Lunch Money will inspire you to do just that! With unlikely partnerships and clever ideas, this is a page-turner that’s as fun to read as it is funny.

Do you love the idea of humor, math, and business all wrapped into one great story? It’s time to get yourself a copy of The Lemonade War. This novel is perfect for tweens who wanna laugh while they learn some business lessons. It’s super relatable for anyone who has a sibling and doesn’t always see eye to eye with them, but need to figure out how to make the relationship work.

Most Helpful Business Ideas

Lemonade stands not your fave? Maybe you’ve outgrown them or you want something more creative. Then check out Beyond the Lemonade Stand: 10 Steps to Starting Your First Business. Can’t believe 10 steps is all it takes to begin your money-making enterprise? Give this book a try and you’ll see!

Think Like a Boss Kids Edition is all about growing your business mindset, plus a ton of ideas for kids who want to make money. And once you’ve earned a good amount of cash, this book will also help you manage it. It’s the full package for a money-minded kiddo like you!

Looking for an interactive guide to making money? You’ll love the quizzes, tips, and helpful quotes in A Smart Girl’s Guide: Money. This book is packed with practical money advice, and it includes lots of ideas to start your own business. Once you’ve decided on the right one(s) for you, check out the American Girl website for templates to create your own cards, flyers, and other business materials that’ll make you feel like a pro.

Wanna start a business, but you don’t have much money to launch it? No problem! Just check out Better Than a Lemonade Stand! It’s the creative guide for kids who want to earn their own money, attract clients, offer them great products or services, and grow their company. It breaks down 50 amazing ideas so you can get started knowing how long each job will take, how much you can charge, how to get the word out about your business, and create your own supplies.

Need money pronto? Then read Fast Cash for Kids quickly! It’s got a whopping 101 money-making projects for kids of all ages. With so many options, there’s gotta be one for you – maybe even more! 

Time to Get Reading and Make Some Money!

So there you go; those are our all-time favorite books about making money for kids. Now, pick the ones that sound the most fun and interesting to get started on your money-making journey. And remember to keep checking for new books. As we discover more books, we’ll add more so you can build your financial library and keep learning more every day! Check out our entire money books for kids library for even more great reads.

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