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Check out these exciting business ideas that you can start as a kid!


Starting a business as a kid is one of the most exciting things! The lessons learned from starting your first business will carry through in everything you do. Earning some money by working for yourself and then deciding how to spend, save, give, and invest that money builds confidence and creates a desire to do bigger and better things.

I started my first business at 14 years old and made custom tie-dyed t-shirts for businesses, sports teams, family reunions, etc. I made many mistakes in that first business, but it gave me the keys and resources to fund my first real estate deal before I turned 18. Is every kid wanting to jump into business as hard as I did? No. But, knowing what is possible can help you dream about what course of action to take for yourself.

Let’s talk about ideas for businesses that kids can start on your own or with a little help from parents!

Exciting Business Ideas That Kids Can Start

Kidpreneurs are popping up worldwide with amazing ideas that are creative and inspiring! Some kids have taken their passion for business and turned it into multi-million dollar businesses before they are old enough to drive!

Lemonade Stand

You can start a lemonade stand in your own front yard with very few supplies and the proper permits. Or, create your own brand of lemonade that is different from those currently sold in stores and negotiate a deal with a store to sell your product!

Jewelry Design and Sales

Spring and summertime are the perfect opportunities to set up a booth at a local craft fair or farmer’s market in your area! A booth is usually relatively inexpensive, and a well-advertised event could help you make hundreds of dollars profit in a couple of days for great quality jewelry.


Have an idea for a gadget that can make life easier, more productive, is fun, or just really cool? Consider making items yourself to sell or contact a company that manufacturers products to see if they would be willing to buy your idea from you to produce themselves to sell to customers.

Party Planner or Entertainment

Tis the season for outdoor parties and family get-togethers! Why not put your creativity to use and hone your skills as a face painter, balloon artist, DJ, dancer, party planner, or set designer? 


Self-publishing and advertising have become a huge industry in which many kids are cashing in! Use your story ideas to bring joy to other kids and families while earning some money for yourself. 

Copywriting or Editing

Businesses need help writing content or social media posts that their audience can relate to. Kids, teens, and young adults need help editing their school essays. And authors could use another set of eyes to review their writing for errors or see if their ideas are worth publishing. Online tools for editing and grammar have made this idea reasonable for kids to enter the market!

Home Cleaning

Many adults are busy with work, kids, and home maintenance, so cleaning is not always at the top of the list. If you have some cleaning supplies and are willing to get a little dirty, this is a valuable service in high demand!


If you have a subject in school that you excel at, use your skills to help other kids and charge them for your time and knowledge. 

Calligraphy Services

Brides love having fancy signs with beautiful writing for their weddings, and homeowners love motivational quotes for their walls or offices. Buy some nice pens, watch some YouTube videos, practice, and sell your handiwork!

Cake Decorating

Special events are made even more perfect by the perfect cake or cake pops! Express your creativity and love for sweet treats while bringing smiles to the host and grateful guests!

Clothing Design

We live in a society where everyone wants to be unique and free to express themselves! Use your Mom’s sewing machine to bring your ideas to life, wear your designs as a way to advertise your designs, and sell to others that want to be uniquely themselves!

T-Shirt Design and Sales

This is how I got my start in business, so I am partial to it because it allowed me to express myself using words and colors then people paid me for that creativity. Come up with cute sayings or pictures, add them to T-shirts, and market those designs at craft fairs or online!

Dog Walking or Pet Sitting

Many people travel during the spring and summer months to see family out of town or go on vacation. Pets need someone to take care of them and love them while their humans are gone. If you love pets, this is a perfect opportunity to love on some pets and earn some cash!


Pet grooming is a rewarding business because pet owners love to get their pets nice and clean or shaved down into a fun style. Depending on where you live, there may be classes that you can take to learn this skill or you can be an apprentice to a groomer that may need an extra set of hands. 


Tired parents could use a date night at the end of a long work week or the opportunity to run errands. If you love children and are willing to take classes to become a certified babysitter, starting a babysitting business is a great opportunity!

Yard Maintenance and Landscaping

Most kids have the tools already to start mowing lawns, trimming hedges, pulling weeds, and laying down new mulch for parents, extended family, and neighbors. Hang signs on local community boards advertising your services or spread the word to your parents’ adult friends.


Set up your own website or write blogs for established websites that need a byline author or ghostwriter to produce great content for whatever niche interests you. If you like pets, write about pets. If you like sports, write about sports. Turn whatever interests you into some cash by sharing your knowledge with others!

Podcast or YouTube Channel

If writing doesn’t interest you and you like talking to people or making videos instead, set up a podcast or YouTube channel to share your talents and interests with others that have the same mindset as you! Interview people or test out products in ways that the audience can relate to.

Car Washing

This is a seasonal business idea in most regions unless you have a garage that your parents would let you use to wash cars inside. Invest in some great soap and cleaning supplies or up your service offerings by buying some detailing equipment to offer full service in one location.

Garage Sales or Online Reselling

eBay has created many businesses for people who go to garage sales, buy valuable items reasonably inexpensively, and resell for profit online. Or, consider hosting your own garage sale with items you may have lying around the house. If you have adults in your life that want to decrease their clutter but don’t have time to host their own sale, host the sale for them and ask for a cut of the profits.

Gift Baskets and Party Favors

Holidays, birthdays, and special occasions are celebrated year-round. Everyone wants to offer their loved ones the perfect gift or party favor to show appreciation and love. Find fun ways to make baskets and favors look professional and creative to help you stand out from the crowd. If you offer delivery, add an upcharge for this service.

Farmer’s Market Vendor

With food prices on the rise, consider growing produce in your yard and selling the excess that your family won’t use at a local Farmer’s Market for some cash. This is a great service that allows you to know where your food comes from and offer high-quality products to friends and neighbors while earning some money for yourself.

Coloring Books and Journals

Digital products are great because you can design them once and resell them as many times as you want! Create a printable coloring book or journal and sell them on marketplaces like Etsy. There is no physical product to ship or store, and you don’t have to mass produce inventory for your business.

Businesses are a great way to earn some money, have a lot of fun, and learn valuable skills like money management, advertising, product development, inventory turnover, and sales. Building confidence in yourself and your abilities as a kid is a great step to being a confident adult that values yourself and what you bring to the table. 

Being a kid entrepreneur changed my life and set me on a path to owning 3 successful businesses and teaching the kids in my life how to build their own businesses in areas that interest them. Teach yourself to earn, spend, save, and give now at a young age to always have these skills!

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