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Best Investing Books for Kids

Here are some of our favorite books on investing for kids, no matter what age you are!


Did you know you can spend money to make more money? Sounds fantastic, right? It’s called investing! 

You can learn all about it with the list of books that we’ve put together for you! Investing a little money today can turn into lots more money in the future. So, why not start learning today and be prepared for tomorrow? 

These are some of our favorite books to help you get started. If you haven’t read it already, make sure to head over to our guide on how to learn investing as a kid too! And for more book recommendations, check out our main money books for kids library.

For Kids Ages 6-8

Grandpa’s Fortune Fables is the story of a 13-year old girl named Gail and her grandpa. They’ll take you on a fun adventure to a faraway island while you learn how to earn and make money. They’ll also teach you about what investing is and how it can make your money grow. At the end of each chapter, you’ll find fun games and will have to solve codes to win a fantastic prize!

Investing For Kids: 51 Ways To Make Money, Save and Invest By Teaching Kids About Money is full of examples and tips for managing money successfully. You’ll also find plenty of advice for investing your money in your future education and other important goals!  

In The Steady Road to a Million Dollars (Bradley Jr’s Investing Adventures), Bradley starts learning to invest his money smartly and make the most out of it. You’ll go on fun adventures with him, have a good time, and learn every step of the way!

The Kids’ Money Book: Earning, Saving, Spending, Investing, Donating covers everything you need to know about money! From earning pocket money to opening a bank account to investing in the stock market. It’s full of fun illustrations and surprises that make it fun to read over and over again!

With Investing for Kids: Learn How Money Works and Grow Your Financial Literacy, you’ll learn the basics of money and savings, as well as important concepts about investments. It’s packed with advice to make investing super fun and help you get started on your journey!

For Kids Ages 9-12

I’m A Shareholder Kit: The Basics About Stocks will walk you through all the investing basics you need to know now that you’re a big kid. It’s packed with colorful graphics and fun activities to keep it entertaining while you learn. Ready to kickstart your investments? Great, because you even get a $20 discount on a share of stock with this book! You can pick out a stock from a company you like and learn from the experience of being a shareholder.  

With Growing Money: A Complete Investing Guide for Kids, you’ll learn all about savings accounts, bonds, stocks, and even mutual funds. It comes with sheets to set up an investment game and start practicing investing before putting real money into the market.

In Investing for Kids: How to Save, Invest and Grow Money, you’ll meet the astounding Dollar Duo―Mr. Finance and Investing Woman. They’ll explain what securities are, how you can invest in them, and how they can help you build your wealth. These are definitely the kind of superheroes that can help you become super successful!

You wanna know what grown-ups are talking about when they discuss the stock market, interest rates, or inflation? The Young Investor: Projects and Activities for Making Your Money Grow will teach you all about it in an easy-to-understand and fun way! Now, you’ll be able to participate in the convo and share your knowledge with adults.

In Blue Chip Kids, you’ll find easy-to-understand concepts and strategies to spend, save, and invest wisely. It includes plenty of examples and fun illustrations that kids quickly pick up and apply to their everyday lives. 

Rethink Money for Children and Teens is all about the money skills you need to manage money as a child, so you can master your money as an adult. You’ll learn to create, save, and grow more money. Plus, this book will introduce you to the concept of “inequality” and show you the importance of giving to those who need it most.

Go! Stock! Go! A Stock Market Guide for Enterprising Children and Their Curious Parents is the story of the Johnson family. It talks about how this family learns about stocks and bonds, the mechanics of investing, and risk versus reward.

On Your Mark, Get Set, INVEST by Luke Villermin follows the story of Thrifty Tortoise and Ritzy Rabbit, teaching you how to responsibly save, spend, and invest money in the stock market.

Best for Young Entrepreneurs

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire? How do you feel about the idea of starting your own business? If these questions make you jump off your chair, you must read How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000! It’ll teach you about the three fundamental principles of money: make it, save it, and invest it. It’s full of practical advice to start your own business and save money for your future.

To go beyond the basics of money and start figuring out how to make it grow, you need to turn to Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock. It’s precisely what you’ve been looking for! Rock and Brock are twins, but they both have very different approaches to life. When their grandpa gives them $1 for ten weeks in a row, these differences really show. Somehow, Brock ends up with more than $500, and Rock’s got $0 left at the end of the ten weeks. Are you wondering what happened? Go ahead and read this book!

If you’re into making your own money, you’ve gotta get your hands on Isabel’s Car Wash. It’s the story of a resourceful young girl who finds a way to start her own biz and earn money to buy the doll she dreams of. The big lesson here: you are capable of turning your own goals into reality.

In Entrepreneur Kids: All About Money, you’ll find the tools that you need to start your own business. Through quick lessons, fun stories, and activities, you’ll learn the key concepts of entrepreneurship and business management. 

Would you like to afford what you want when you want it? Money Talks: The Beginners Guide To Investing For Kids will help you understand how to save, invest, and manage your money. But you can’t just splurge all of your money. Especially when you’ve got big goals to reach! In this book for business-minded kids, you’ll learn how to use money as the tool that can help you reach your goals.

With Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas, you’ll find easy-to-understand concepts and strategies to start, manage, and expand your own business. This book will also encourage you to be creative and try new business ideas that are out of the box.

Isn’t it exciting to start learning how to grow your money? With these books, you’ll become a knowledgeable investor while also having lots of fun! The earlier you start investing, the more time your money has to grow. So, go ahead and start learning all about it today. This is a must-have skill that you can learn early on to help you succeed in life.

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