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Best Books For Kids About Money Math

Are you looking for a new way to learn money math? Here are the 10 best money math books!


Today, we’re going to talk about some of the best books to learn money math. It’s important to remember that practicing money math is the only way to get better at it like any life skill. Each of the ten books on this list provides exercises, games, definitions, and everything you need to get started. 

Finance 101 for Kids by Walter Andal

Written for kids ages 8-12, Finance 101 covers everything from earning money to investing money. It’s a fun and easy read with some slick illustrations and a whole bunch of math exercises. And one of the best things about Finance 101 for Kids is that it also helps your parents learn new ways to teach you money math! 

So if you’re getting bored with your usual math games and want to try something new, try Finance 101 for Kids. 

The Everything Kids’ Money Book by Brette Sember

The Everything Kids’ Money Book is jam-packed with tons of exciting money facts! Seriously, if you love learning new facts to tell your parents, then it’s the book for you. One of the coolest features of this book is that it talks about online banking. Online banking is super important when you’re traveling, can’t make it to the bank, and a whole bunch more. The book is written for ages 7-12!

Also, The Everything Kid’s Money Book has some pretty fun math exercises. (You even get the chance to try to make your own money!) 

Kyng & Kyren’s Generational Wealth Building Activity Book by Kyren Gibson

Do you love stories and fun characters? Well, Kyng & Kyren’s Generational Wealth by Kyren Gibson is full of both. Follow Kyng, Kyren, and their friends while learning about money building, investing, and how rich people become rich. Along the way, there are tons of fun money math exercises. This book is bright, fun, and super educational. Plus, it’s a really quick read at only 51 pages. 

And it’s perfect for kids of all ages!

National Geographic Kids Everything Money by Kathy Furgang

National Geographic Kids Everything Money by Kathy Furgang has some amazing pictures of money from around the world. You get to see beautiful photos of different cultures, but there are also tons of fun math games and facts. And, you’ll love all the word definitions they have printed in the back of the book. It’s written for kids 8-12!

40 Fabulous Math Mysteries Kids Can’t Resist by Marcia Miller

40 Fabulous Math Mysteries is a spin on your everyday math exercises. For starters, there’s a team of detectives trying to solve math mysteries! Can you solve the problems faster than the detectives? This book is great if you lose interest in everyday math problems and want to try something more fun and challenging. Plus, this classic kids book is written for ages 9-14!

Lots and Lots of Coins by Margarette Reid

Lots and Lots of Coins by Margarette Reid is a fun book for those of us that love coins! If you want to learn more about change, how it’s useful, and what to do with it, then this book is totally for you. One thing the book does really well is it clearly explains coins, and it does so with cool, interesting characters. If you want to learn something new and do a few math exercises along the way, then check on Lots and Lots of coins. It’s written for kids 6-8 years old. And it’s only 32 pages!

Money Math Matters for Kids by Larry Burkett with K. Christie Bowler

You should know that Money Math Matters is written for kids that are as interested in Christianity as they are in money math. It has tons of funny money jokes, facts, and exercises to keep your curious mind engaged. And the artwork is pretty cool too. Money Math Matters has a lot of words, don’t be afraid to ask your parents to read it to you if you want. Also, the book is made for kids 9-12.

The Survival Guide for Money Smarts by Eric Braun and Sandy Donovan

The Survival Guide for Money by Eric Braun and Sandy Donovan is great for a lot of reasons. But the biggest thing about this book is how it connects money math with becoming a better person. That may seem like a strange combination – but it doesn’t have to be. The Survival teaches lessons about donations, money math, and the importance of responsible spending. 

So, if you want to learn valuable money lessons and lessons about character, check out this nifty little book. It’s for ages 9-14. 

How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000 by James McKenna, Jeannine Glitsa, and Matt Fontaine

Are you interested in starting your own business one day? Then you should know the challenges you’ll have to overcome. That’s why, How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000 is such a great book. It uses real-world examples, easy-to-understand words, and fun exercises to teach you how to become a successful business owner! It’s best for ages 10-12. 

Investing for Kids by Dylan Redling and Allison Tom 

Investing for Kids by Dylan Redling and Allison Tom is a super easy-to-understand money book. It gives you a play-by-play about the importance and uses of money. It has fewer drawings than many other entries on this list -but it’s chockfull of really helpful tips about money math, specifically investing. Also, it’s filled with money exercises that you can do with your parents! The best part is that you’ll understand how to invest your money and watch it grow by the end. It’s written for ages 8-12. Check it out!

That’s 10 of the absolute best books on money for kids that money can buy! If you’re just starting to learn money math or want more information, pick any book on this list. Plus, it can’t hurt to be a little more prepared for your next math test. Imagine how proud your parents will be and how much smarter you’ll be after making your way through a money math book. 

Remember, practice makes perfect.

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