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Best Piggy Banks for Kids

Check out these awesome piggy banks to help you save money!


When your parents ask what you want for the holidays, chances are you’ve never had a piggy bank at the top of your list. Or anywhere on the list. 

We get it. But we still think that’s a big mistake. 

Yeah, piggy banks aren’t as exciting as a shiny new toy or a cool new ‘fit. But when that toy breaks, how will you buy a new one? Mom and dad sure won’t run out to order you a new one online. And when those ripped jeans go out of style, who’s gonna get you new ones for next season?

You really oughta rethink your strategy, kiddo – ‘cause that piggy bank has the power to unlock your money potential. Just imagine all the things you can do with the money you save up. Little by little, you can fill up that cute piggy. And, before you know it, you’ll oink with joy!

Let’s Get Saving!

Ready to start saving up? That’s great to hear! We happen to know about the best piggy banks out there. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect piggy bank to stash your dough.

Best Three-Part

You’ve heard all about saving money for different goals, but it’s not always easy to keep your money organized. Now it is, with the Moonjar Money Box for Kids. This colorful piggy bank makes it easy to split up your money between savings, spending, and sharing. Once each container is full, it’s time to make good use of your money!

Best with Counter

When you’ve got lots of coins saved up, it’s tough to keep track of your total. Unless you’re using the HeQiao Digital Coin Bank. With a smart counter right on the lid, this handy jar recognizes the value of each coin that you deposit and adds it up for you. That way, you always know how much you’ve got in there and how close you are to reaching your savings goal.

Best Personalized

Taking ownership of your money is important for driven kids like you. That’s why we love this Personalized Piggy Bank from Drapela Wood Works. It comes in two sizes and you can even get your name printed on it. Plus, it’s a fun way to decorate your bedroom with a stylish savings system.

Best Electronic

If classic piggies don’t do it for you, check out this Electronic ATM-Style Piggy Bank. It has a fun vault design with indicator lights and a passcode that you set, to keep your money safe. The speaker adds voice interaction, for a high-tech feel that makes saving even more exciting. And this one works with bills or coins, so you can save up as much as possible.

Best Unbreakable

Back in the day, your parents had to actually smash their piggy banks on the floor to access their coins. Then, they had to spend money on a new one and start their savings all over again. Not very eco-friendly. Why break the bank, when you can reuse it? With the VOSAREA Resin Pig Shaped Coin Bank, you can get that vintage look and never have to worry about breaking your trusty savings friend.

Best 2-in-1

Out of this world savers love the Creative Kids Astronaut Bank. It looks awesome on your dresser and also lights up your room at night! Talk about a great 2-in-1! It’s a perfect choice for space-themed bedrooms, kids who want to be astronauts when they grow up, or anyone who just loves its cute look.

Best Clear

When you can actually see your pile of money growing, you get motivated to keep saving. We know because we’ve done it before. That’s why we added the MOMMED Piggy Bank to our list. It’s a must-have for savers who want to keep track of their money. Its clear materials let you see your money, and it even includes an LCD display that counts how much money you actually have in there. 

Best for Bills

When you’ve got bills to save, you need a sturdy, sleek-looking piggy bank to keep your money safe. And we’ve got the perfect one in mind. The JIAJIA Piggy Bank is super cool and keeps your savings password protected. The included stickers and letters even let you customize your piggy bank, to make it your own and start stashing your savings.

Most Fun

Savings are supposed to be fun. Get a giggle out of every time you set money aside with this adorable Cat Stealing Money Bank. You’ve probably seen them on TV or at stores. Now, you can have your own at home and save up for your money goals. 

Most Unique

Looking for a large piggy bank that lets you save lots of money and that you’ll love having in your room? Check out this Plinko Money Bank by WoodGamesPlus. It’s a statement piece that’ll make you want to put a coin in there every time you walk by it. If you’ve got big goals, this is the big piggy bank for you.

Most Inspiring

Make your dreams happen with the HuaArt Store Wooden Savings Box. It’s a pretty piece that has an inspiring phrase printed right on the glass, so you can see your money as it grows and you stay motivated to save up. This cute box is perfect for tweens and it’s so sturdy that you can even take it to college with you!

Time to Save!

Who’s excited to save? We are! With so many great piggy banks, we bet you’ll love setting money aside for all your goals. Just pick your fave and start stashing your money. One coin or bill at a time is all it takes to build your fortune.

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