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Kids Making Money Statistics for Parents

Here is all the data and studies we’ve gathered over the years on how kids are making money.


It seems like kids are finding new creative ways to make money every single day.

Here are some of the survey results and trends we’ve gathered over the years on how kids are making money, how much money they are making, and more.

How Kids Are Making Money Statistics

  • In a 2014 study among 14-18-year-olds who plan to work during their summer school break:
    • 58% expect to work in “traditional” positions like a restaurant or retail store.
    • 22% expect to be entrepreneurs and work jobs like babysitting, mowing lawns, and tutoring.
    • 6% expect to work at the family business.
    • 5% expect to intern at a major company.

Data on How Much Money Kids Are Making

From our kids making money survey:

  • For lawn care, kids are charging $5 per mowed lawn on average.
  • Kids are charging a median rate of $7 per hour of babysitting, and the majority of respondents charge more for additional kids.
  • Kids operating lemonade stands charge $1 per cup on average.
  • Dog walking is even more lucrative, with kids charging an average of $5 per 30 minute walk.
  • For locations with a lot of snow, kids charge between $5 and $10 to shovel a driveway.

More Interesting Statistics

  • Nastya, a famous 7-year-old YouTube star, raked in $28 million in 2021 via YouTube ad revenue and partnerships.
  • Ryan Kaji, the popular 10-year-old YouTube sensation who reviews toys, made $27 million in 2021. He started reviewing toys on YouTube at the age of 4.
  • About 74% of parents give an allowance to their kids.

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