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Personal Finance Crossword Puzzles

Check out these fun crossword puzzles to help teach students financial literacy terms!


Personal finance is vital for your students to grasp. But it’s also ok to have a little fun as you go, too. Crossword puzzles are an excellent way to challenge your kids, review key concepts, and keep them engaged in their learning. They’re also great for sub days! Check out this list of ready-to-go crossword puzzles to reinforce money education and personal finance lessons.

Financial Literacy Crossword Puzzles for Students

  • Personal Finance Crossword Puzzle: This puzzle offers specific clues, letting your students test their vocabulary and research answers to complete the sheet. It is suitable for high school students.
  • Personal Finance Vocabulary Crossword: This crossword will challenge your students, thanks to the brief definitions. Teachers can assign it as pair work, an independent activity, or an introduction to a money unit. Good for middle and high school.
  • Stock Market Crossword and Word Search: This crossword and word search set is excellent to use as a review tool or to set up a lesson on the stock market. Terms help boost student comprehension of stocks, diversification, and more. Best for high school.
  • Cryptocurrency Crossword Puzzle: This crossword puzzle is a great way to introduce and review cryptocurrency terminology. If you teach crypto in your curriculum, this is a helpful tool to have in your class. It is ideal for middle and high schoolers.
  • 13 Financial Words That You Need to Know! In this puzzle, Students will learn a manageable set of financial terms. You can use this sheet as an assessment tool and a pre-test before launching into money education. Good for multiple grade levels, from 5th-12th.
  • Money, Money, Money: This crossword covers many basic money terms. It is suitable for multiple grade levels but ideal for upper elementary and middle schoolers.
  • Money: This crossword puzzle requires students to fill in missing words in financially-focused sentences. It is good practice for English skill-building as well as personal finance. Best for upper elementary.
  • Money Crossword: This crossword is ideal for ESL learners in your financial education classroom. It supplies hints and context clues to help students reach the solutions. Good for upper elementary and middle school.
  • Money and Finance: In this crossword, kids need to know coin values, money terms, and more advanced economic concepts. It is a good review for multiple grade levels.
  • Earning Money: This crossword puzzle revolves around making money. It challenges kids to remember or learn the specific vocabulary you cover or plan to teach. Good for high school. (note: free registration required)
  • Sophie’s Money Crossword: This is a fun crossword for kids to do in pairs or independently. They review key terms and strengthen their money knowledge. Ideal for 9th-12th grade. (note: free registration required)
  • Social/Global Effect of Financial Factors: This crossword is a challenging task for your high school students. It covers topics like investment and supply/demand, making it a comprehensive and fun review tool. Best for upper high school. (note: free registration required)
  • Personal Finance: This crossword is extensive and comes with a word bank, giving students the solutions they need to succeed. Kids review terms like credit, debit, and interest as they build their money knowledge. Middle school and high schoolers would benefit the most. (note: free registration required)
  • Kindergarten Money Crossword: Kindergarteners will love solving this puzzle. They need to know which coins are which, how to total coin values, and how to complete sentences with missing words. Best for Kindergarten.
  • Centsible Kids Crossword: Kids can work through this puzzle alone, with a partner, or with an adult, depending on their age. It is colorful and engaging, sure to be a hit in your money classroom. Best for K-5th grade.
  • The YES Club Crossword: This crossword lets students learn or review money topics in a quick format. You can include it as a preview, assessment, or in the substitute folder. Good for 3rd-5th grade.
  • Money Crossword Puzzle: This crossword is tailored towards English learners but can benefit all students. It offers a broad overview of financial terms, with practice modeling dialogue around money. Good for 4th-8th grade.
  • Little Foot Money Crossword: This crossword puzzle is great for little learners. It tests kids on simple financial terms and their understanding of how cash works.  Great for K-2nd grade.
  • American Bankers Crossword: In this crossword, students fill out the puzzle using the clues and also get a word bank. They learn terms about many important financial topics as they work on the task. Made for grades 3-5.
  • Super Crossword Puzzle: This crossword will keep your kids engaged and focused. It comes with an answer key so kids can check their work as they go. Your 4th-8th grade students will enjoy it.

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