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Money Coloring Pages

Check out these fun coloring pages to help teach young students about money.


Coloring is a crucial skill for young learners, building fine motor skills, concentration, and stamina. When teachers apply it to money education, the results can be phenomenal. Making your students aware of currency, including bills and coins, is essential to their future understanding of how money works and why it matters, and coloring is an excellent way to learn. Check out these money coloring pages for your elementary students, to help them raise money awareness.

Saving and Investing Coloring Pages

Coloring pages can teach helpful lessons about money, including saving. These sheets are fun for kids and can demonstrate solid saving habits.

  • Count the Money Piggy Bank: This sheet combines coloring with money math, requiring students to count the coins as they save money in the piggy bank. They build arithmetic and creativity as they learn to save.
  • Counting Dimes: This coloring page emphasizes the importance of saving money. It shows a young girl counting cash from her piggy bank, and teachers can use this coloring activity to teach about a critical money topic. 
  • Leprechaun and A Pot of Gold: This coloring page can be used around St. Patrick’s Day to have fun learning about leprechauns. It also can be a valuable tool to teach about saving, the value of gold and other precious metals, and how to have a growth mindset.
  • Money Tree: In this coloring page, a boy is watering his money plant. Educators can use this concept to talk about investing, saving, and growing money over time for financial security.
  • Uncle Scrooge Money Dive: This sheet lets students color a picture of Uncle Scrooge diving into bills and coins. As they color, you can explain how Scrooge McDuck’s thrifty ways allow him to build wealth over time.

Bills and Coins Coloring Pages

Help students build awareness of different forms of money, including various bills and coins, with these coloring pages.

  • Multi-Language Money: This coloring page shows the word “money” in many languages and has a street art look that kids will enjoy. They see how money comes in different forms, including various currencies and other variations, like gold.
  • The 1 Dollar Bill: This sheet shows the front and back of the dollar bill, exposing students to the details of the dollar while letting them color and have fun. They can learn the symbols and slogans of the bill and see who the first president was.
  • The Nickel: This coloring page focuses on a specific coin – the nickel – to show students the details of the “heads” and “tails.” They work on coin identification and motor skills and learn the value of different currencies.
  • Dog Money: This coloring page lets students have fun with play money while seeing how currency can look different. This one has dogs on bills and coins, with various denominations that kids can count.
  • Angry Birds Money: This coloring page shows kids how money can look different with unique images and symbols. They will enjoy the Angry Birds themes of the cash.
  • Crayola Coins: This coloring page lets students design their own color scheme for various denominations of coins. Teachers can use them in class economies, having students cut them out and spend them at a store or for rewards. 
  • Penny Coloring Page: Students learn all about the penny on this coloring page. They color both sides of the coin and learn how to add up their cents.
  • Dime Coloring Page: This coloring page shows the dime. Kids color it in and see the words and images on the coin.
  • Quarter Coloring Page: Teachers can easily use this coloring page for a math lesson. They get to have fun and color the quarter while learning its value.
  • Twenty Dollar Bill Page: Kids jump into larger bills with this coloring page. They see the faces, buildings, and words on the $20 bill as they color.

General Money Coloring Pages

These coloring pages show money symbols and have students compute money math as they color.

  • Money Bag: This coloring page shows two bags of money, teaching students about cash symbols and accumulating wealth. Teachers can work on coloring skills as they begin to understand money concepts.
  • Money Math: This coloring page requires students to color several items and calculate addition and subtraction problems. They work with decimals and convert words to numbers to solve problems.
  • Money in Many Forms: This sheet shows students money in multiple forms, including bills, bags, and stacks of coins. They see that cash can look different, and they get to color it how they want.
  • Let’s Make Change! This coloring page requires students to color, cut, and glue, making for a fun activity. They also learn the coin values as they calculate change.
  • Can You Buy It? This coloring page includes money, math, and fun coloring. It gives students practice in money management and shopping while coloring.

For more teaching resources, head to our center for teaching money management.

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