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Check Writing Worksheets

Check out these fun worksheets to help you teach your students how to write checks and learn valuable personal finance skills.


Even in today’s digital age of Venmo, PayPal, and mobile banking, there are still times when you need to know how to write a check. Teaching your kids this skill from a young age and reinforcing it as they grow will help them greatly. Let’s take a look at the best worksheets to teach students how to write checks.

Worksheets: K – 5th Grade

Teaching young children money management will benefit them, and specific skills like check-writing are fun and engaging. These worksheets will expose them to how the process works.

  • Cut-And-Glue: Parts of A Check: In this cut-and-glue worksheet, students learn the individual components of a check. They build knowledge of what checks look like and what each part is for. (1st– 5th)
  • Parts of A Check: This worksheet displays information about a check’s layout. Kids can have fun inputting their information. (3rd – 5th)
  • Labeling the Parts Of A Check: Kids need to know the parts of a check and fill in the corresponding lines in this worksheet. Teachers can use this as a frequent review or a quick assessment. (4th – 5th
  • Practice Printing by Writing Checks: This bundle of worksheets helps students learn how to write checks and why. You can work on spelling common company names, write numbers in word form, and modify them to fit any grade level. (K – 5th
  • Place Value Practice By Writing A Check: This worksheet combines math skills with check-writing practice. They write the numbers in words on play checks, giving them valuable hands-on experience. (best for 4th grade)
  • Reading A Check: This worksheet quizzes kids on a sample check. They see where to look for specific information and learn the terminology of checks. (4th – 5th, free account required)
  • DAMPER: This lesson and corresponding worksheet show kids the acronym DAMPER, which breaks down the parts of a check. (4th – 5th)

Worksheets: 6th – 8th Grade

In middle school, your students likely have a solid, basic idea of check writing. Use these worksheets to deepen their understanding of how to write checks and the many situations we use this form of payment.

  • Unit on Checking: This series of worksheets gives teachers valuable assessment and teaching resources. There is a pre-test worksheet, instructions on balancing a ledger, and a post-test sheet.
  • Blank Printable Checks: This worksheet leaves a lot of room for teachers to get creative. Give kids these blank checks and show them how to fill them in for many purposes.
  • Writing A Check: This worksheet gives students multiple scenarios. They fill in various checks with specific information for each situation, giving them valuable practice.
  • Writing Checks: Students practice their check-writing skills in this worksheet. They use practical information and numbers to complete the process.
  • Check Writing Practice: This worksheet includes a blank check for kids to fill out. It zooms in on specific sections to show them details they’ll need for successful check-writing.
  • Blank Deposit Slip and Blank Check: These worksheets add complexity and challenge to students. They fill out a check and learn how to complete a deposit slip.
  • Checkbook Register: A checkbook register is a critical part of learning how to write checks. This worksheet provides middle schoolers crucial practice in filling out these forms. 

Worksheets: 9th – 12th Grade

Your high school students will be writing checks in the real world before they know it. These worksheets will fine-tune their skills, so they’re ready for their financial futures.

  • Checking Accounts: This worksheet introduces ways to pay for goods and services. It also walks students through the check-writing process.
  • Keeping A Running Balance: This series of worksheets shows students how to record the checks they’ve written in a register. They calculate deposits and expenses on their sheets to maintain the correct balance.
  • Let’s Write A Check! This worksheet walks students through the check-writing steps. Teachers can focus their kids on specific tasks, like practicing writing checks to pay bills or college loan payments.
  • Check Writing Practice: This worksheet set includes an example check, blank checks, a checkbook register, and financial prompt cards. Students use their skills to complete the checks with the given information.
  • Checking Account Simulation: This activity includes worksheets to show kids the check-writing process from beginning to end. They write checks, make a deposit, and keep track of their money, helping them see how checking accounts work.
  • Blank Check Template: This worksheet is fully editable. You can change the bank name and check number to fit your student’s interests.
  • Writing A Check: This digital worksheet lets students type in the requested information. They can practice typing, see the components they need to fill out a check, and increase their check-writing skills.

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