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Entrepreneurship Clubs

Here are some of the most notable entrepreneurship clubs that you can get involved in at school.


For most entrepreneurs, ideas come easily. The real challenge is starting and running a successful business based upon that once-in-a-lifetime idea. The more you can learn, the greater your chance of building a successful business and the more quickly that can happen. What better place to start than the club at your college or university! Don’t see your school on the list? Ask your administrators and find out if there is an entrepreneurship club you can join (or be a founding member of)!

Stanford GSB Entrepreneur Club

The GSB Entrepreneurship Club is one of the oldest student-run entrepreneur’s clubs in the nation. The current incarnation of the club has its roots in the late 1970s, when many of the individual student initiatives around small businesses and entrepreneurialism coalesced into a single student-lead club. In 1993, the e-club under the leadership of Ken Hawk sponsored the first E-Conference on Entrepreneurship, with 150 people attending the day-long event. The conference has since grown to be the largest annual conference dedicated to entrepreneurship in the world. Today the Entrepreneur Club is the most active student-run club within the GSB community. We have over 300 members and last year the club organized more than 50 events for over 1,100 attendants. The goal of the current GSB Entrepreneurship Club is to stimulate interest in entrepreneurialism among GSB students and other members of the Stanford community. We are passionate about building sustainable ventures and want to provide our members a lifelong learning & support platform to minimize risk and to maximize success in ventures. We want to promote entrepreneurial mind-set both as a founder or manager of a start-up as well as in the roles of an investor, advisor, or corporate partner.

The Princeton Entrepreneurship Club

The Princeton Entrepreneurship Club is a student-run organization that helps students pursue entrepreneurship as a career path through startup events, job opportunities, and a supportive community. Founded in 1996, E-Club has since grown into a 900+ member group and is rapidly growing. The E-Club is proud to have served as the launch pad for dozens of successful companies. We welcome all students, alumni, professors, staff, and community members who have an idea or an interest in entrepreneurship to come join us.

E-Club’s 44-member officer team is constantly working hard to bring the best events, competitions, mentors, speakers, skills, and ideas to Princeton’s campus. They also bring Princeton’s best and brightest to the country’s center of innovation – like Silicon Valley in California and Silicon Alley in New York City through our TigerTreks trips. We hope that you will read more about our programs on our website, and that we will see you at an E-Club event soon.

The MIT Entrepreneurs Club

The E-Club was formed in 1988 to serve MIT and Harvard students, faculty, staff, alumni and select professionals. Members represent a range of experience and backgrounds including business, engineering, arts and sciences. Many MIT and Harvard startups have recruited club members as $50K team members, co-founding partners, and equity-sharing employees.

Primary Activities

  • Holding weekly club meetings and undergraduate seminars.
  • Organizing periodic IAP, Summer social/networking events.
  • Connecting through a low-volume (1-3 per week) email list.
  • Summarizing entrepreneurship-related activities in the area.

Based around these, we provide practice sessions for presenters, networking opportunities for current and potential team members, market research, seed and other funding research and matchmaking, all the way through to conflict resolution (including negotiation and mediation) and post-mortems. We don’t co-author or focus on business plans per-se, but we have a longstanding reputation for assisted hacking on details and introducing potential advisors, mentors and funders.

Other Activities

  • The annual IAP class The Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans.
  • The Boston Business Journal online column on Starting Up.
  • Maintaining connection to MIT Technology Licensing Office.
  • Founding the annual MIT $100K Business Plan Competition.

At the E-Club you’ll find your aspiration for technology entrepreneurship shared by many of your peers. We are eager to hear about your project and hope to advise, contribute and sometimes invest in what you’re trying to do.

Harvard Business School Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club helps members access entrepreneurial resources, network with prominent entrepreneurs and share ideas.

Entrepreneurship Club, University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Entrepreneurship Club helps teach members how to create public companies that will become the major stock picks of investment professionals.

Entrepreneurs Club, Northeastern University

The NU Entrepreneurs Club is a student group that enables aspiring entrepreneurs from across campus and of diverse majors to pursue their passions by providing valuable resources and communal support in a fun and engaging way.
The Club’s mantra is to “Live Your Passion!,” which means that we care about helping students figure out what they love doing and helping them get there. Whether a student wants to start a non-profit, be the CEO of a Fortune 500 or become a veterinarian, we care about students getting started on their path and pursuing their dreams with confidence and dedication.

First and foremost, our goal with the club is to cultivate a close-knit community of like-minded students who are engaged and thoughtful, supportive of others, excited to learn everyday and driven by taking action. We also strive to aggregate resources for emerging entrepreneurs, support the creation of new ventures, help develop long lasting relationships, create a safe haven for crazy new venture idea’s, and ultimately to redefine the Entrepreneurial Culture at Northeastern.

We strive to accomplish these objectives through weekly Club Get Togethers and student-led initiatives such as the Husky Startup Challenge (HSC), the Entrepreneurship Immersion Program (EIP), iMadeIt, Reach and more that offer the following opportunities:

  • Networking with accomplished entrepreneurs and peers
  • Hands-on activities and exercises to gain real world experience
  • Insightful guest speakers
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Idea growth and peer consultation

The Club operates as an organization under the College of Business Administration at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and convenes at the CBA home in 150 Dodge Hall. Under the guidance of Professors and student Executive Board members, the club supports the various facets of entrepreneurship by hosting and promoting workshops, speakers, and networking amongst many other activities at NU.

Entrepreneurs Club, London Business School

The Entrepreneurship Club at London Business School’s aim is to provide a forum for students to network and share ideas, provide an environment that will foster innovation and entrepreneurship and help students cultivate and develop their own ideas. Whether in the context of starting their own business or working for a firm with an entrepreneurial culture the club endeavours to help students make the most of their time at business school and to equip them for the challenges they face after graduation.

The Club is a student-run organization that facilitates cooperation amongst entrepreneurs of the London Business School and the global entrepreneurship community. The Club is dedicated to fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial way of thinking at the School. We help our students and alumni find the right contacts, resources and real-world experiences necessary to start their successful business ventures either as new start-ups or in corporate environments.

We aim to involve students from all London Business School degree programs by providing innovative events that will expand their knowledge of today’s marketplace and help develop networks. The club also hosts the annual Entrepreneurship Conference held in the Spring and is involved with the Global Security Challenge hosted in November. The Entrepreneurship Club also develops links for students to other entrepreneurial activities offered through London Business School.

USC Entrepreneur Club

The USC eClub is committed to helping students learn about entrepreneurship and launch their companies or ideas outside of the classroom, regardless of what major they are pursuing. The organization has been supporting and launching entrepreneurs at USC for over a decade.
We are the campus entrepreneurship hub for students and alumni. We connect entrepreneurs while providing them and their startups with resources and education that complements the Lloyd Grief Center for Entrepreneurship.

The eClub is committed to providing highly valuable and innovative events, while creating a support structure of resources, networks, and opportunities for startup and existing businesses.

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