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Board Games for Kids to Learn About Money

Check out these fun board games to learn about money and how to manage it.


We think that life’s most important lessons should also be fun. Right? Games just make everything so much easier to learn! And if you win…well, that just makes it extra fun!

Whether you’re a financial whiz or learning how to count change, everyone’s a winner with our favorite money games for kids. While you learn, you’ll have some major LOL moments and hours of fun.

Ready to have a blast? Just choose your favorite game from our list and let the good times roll!

Best Board Games About Making Money

Becoming a mini money master starts with learning how to make money. And, because you’re never too young to earn your own money, we’ve included games for kids of all ages and skill levels.

For Kids 6-8 

Strategy, memory, and yummy sandwiches make Sub Shop a fun game to learn about making money. You’ll also learn a thing or two about customer service, as you brush up on your math skills and continue learning about money.

Money Bags is all about earning the most money. That’s how you win. Who would think that such a simple game could be such a great time? Well, it makes sense considering that everyone loves making money!

For Kids 9-12

One scoop at a time, Ice Cream Empire is the big kid game that’ll teach you all about having a successful business. Math, geography, and entrepreneurship have never been this delicious!

It might start with earning money, but The Entrepreneur Game is the game that’s got it all. From budgeting to negotiating and marketing, this game is a complete money lesson that’s packed with fun and laughter!

Best Board Games About Spending Money 

Earning money is only half the fun – for many kids, spending it is the best part! But if you have too much fun spending, you might find yourself in money trouble. That’s why these board games are a fun way for you to learn how to enjoy spending without overdoing it.

For Kids 6-8 

Do you wanna buy a pet store? How about a candy store? Or the arcade? If you want ‘em all, you’ve gotta play Monopoly Junior! It’s the best game to build smart spending habits and start learning about money transactions – all with your favorite characters: Dinosaur, Unicorn, Peppa Pig, or Princess edition.

Exact Change is the card game that makes math fun. Seriously. But it’s ok if you don’t believe it, just check it out and see it for yourself. If you don’t get back to us on it, we’ll know it’s because you’re having so much fun you can’t stop playing!

Sure, dollar bills are easy. But when it comes to coins, things can get tricky. Until you’ve played Money Match Me! And then, you can say good-bye to second-guessing yourself at the store. With this fun matching game, you’ll become a total coin master.

For Kids 9-12

You’re a big kid and a big spender. You should play Big Money, the money game that’s also big on fun for all! Best of all, it doesn’t take forever to play. In only 30 minutes, you can win this game and you’ll probably be ready for the next round.

Should you buy a house, a hotel, or a railroad? Decisions, decisions. All of them are important when you play Monopoly, the classic game that teaches you all about making good spending choices or risk going broke!

Best Board Games About Managing Money 

OK, you’ve figured out how to earn money. And you’re confident about making good spending decisions. But managing your money is a whole other ball game. Or, should we say, board game? 

For Kids 6-8 

Did you and your parents just set up an allowance plan? That’s awesome! It’s also the perfect time to practice managing your money with The Allowance Game. Better splurge and go broke in the game than in real life!

If you’re a business owner in the making, you’ll want to learn how to set your own prices, buy and sell items. That’s why you need to play Buy it Right, the game that makes register check out and math a fun experience.

Life’s full of money management decisions. But The Game of Life is the most fun way to practice! With so many surprises and unexpected adventures, you won’t be able to get enough of this classic game.

For Kids 9-12

Sure, you’ve heard grown-ups talk about budgeting. But did you ever think it could actually be exciting? It’s super fun when you learn how to budget with Managing My Allowance – the classic board game with real-life scenarios so you can get a real sense of what money management’s all about.

Is Pay Day the same thing as splurge day? No way! Unless you want to lose. But if you want to win this fun game, you’d better get money smart. Just like in real life!

If a real thrill is what you crave, Act your Wage won’t disappoint. It’s the fast-paced excitement that’ll bring out your competitive side and make you want to be the first one to yell “I’m debt-free”!

Financially smart kiddos love playing Cash Flow. It’s a challenging game that teaches you all about how to make the most of your money. Practice what you learn in real life and you’re sure to master good money habits.

Best Board Games About Investing

If you wanna get on that Wall Street action, playing board games is a good place to start! With these picks, you can learn how the stock markets work and which investments may be right for you.

For Kids 6-8

If you can say Cover Your Assets without giggling, you’re too mature to play this game. But if you think the name is hilarious, just wait until you’ve actually played. It’s all about stacking a variety of assets and becoming a millionaire. 

For Kids 9-12

The smarter you are, the more you win in Exchange – the game where you become a trader, just like in the movies. Ever dreamed about being a broker or learning how the market works? Hurry up and play before the bubble bursts!

The pace is fast. The strategies are smart. The stakes are high. We’re talking about Mystic Market, the fascinating board game that grabs you like a magic potion and is so good you’ll want to play over and over again.

If you dream of working in the stock exchange, you’ll love Bulls and Bears. And even if you don’t, you’ll still enjoy building your financial IQ with this intelligent game for the whole family to enjoy.

It’s Play Time!

Money is no kid’s game, but it’s definitely fun to learn about it with these exciting games. So gather your family and friends, because it’s time to enjoy a new kind of game night. The kind that’s fun for all and that’ll make you a young money expert.

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