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Money Games for Kids

We rounded up all of our favorite games to help you learn about money!


When it comes to money, games can be the best teachers. There, we said it. And you probably loved reading it!

Here’s the trick, though: You can’t just choose any game. You’ve got to pick the games that are so fun you don’t even care that you’re also learning! 

We know because we spent hours playing all sorts of games, and these are the ones we couldn’t get enough of. Yes, it was a tough job. But someone had to do it!

Best Board Games 

With our favorite fun money board games, you’ll never get bored! From making money to sharing it, we’ve got games on all money matters and tons of fun coming your way.

Board Games About Making Money

We call these board games for ballers because they’re all about learning how to make lots of money. You wanna make a killing too? Then these are the games to play.

For Kids 6-8 

A sandwich for lunch is yummy. Owning your Sub Shop is even better! With this fun game, you’ll learn all about running a restaurant and how to make money. Who knows? It might even inspire you to open your own one day!

If you wanna win this game, you’ve got to fill your Money Bags. But it’s not so easy when you’ve got other players trying to do the same. Beat them to it and you’ll laugh all the way to the bank!

For Kids 9-12

Owning one ice cream shop sounds great. Owning eight of them is an Ice Cream Empire! In this sweet game, you’ll feel like a true business owner, as you open your stores around the country and dominate the ice cream industry!

Earning money is only the beginning of The Entrepreneur Game. Once you’ve made it, you also have to build the right partnerships, make smart decisions, and solve problems. This is how you keep your business running, kidpreneurs!

Board Games About Spending Money 

By now, you probably know that it takes work to earn your money. You can’t just splurge it all – even though, sometimes, you want to. How do you know when it’s OK to spend and when it’s best to save? We’ve got just the right games to help you figure that out!

For Kids 6-8 

Before you go shopping, you need to learn how to use cash. Exact Change is the fun way to learn! Forget flashcards. This card game makes money math easy and fun.

When you’re a kid, you don’t have many opportunities to use cash and buy your own things. But when you play Monopoly Junior, you do! And there are many editions out there, so you can learn and have fun with all your favorite characters: Dinosaur, Unicorn, Peppa Pig, or Princesses.

For Kids 9-12

Shopping spree? Why not! Charge Large is the board game that gives you a credit card and cash for you to spend. But there’s one catch: If you wanna win, you need to pay off your debt and have $2500 in cash. How will you manage to do that? By spending wisely.

It’s time to roll the dice and make Big Money in the fast-paced game that’s full of thrills for all. It’s not just about becoming rich with this game. It’s about taking smart risks, making good spending decisions, and becoming a billionaire.

Board Games About Managing Money 

What does it mean to manage your money and why is it so important? We won’t answer that question here. Instead, we’ll let you play these games and learn for yourself!

For Kids 6-8 

Your allowance is the best way to learn about managing money in real life. For kids who like to play, there’s The Allowance Game – the board game where you learn how to handle your money so you’re better at managing your allowance.

With so many twists and turns, The Game of Life is just like the real thing! As you spin the wheel and choose your path, you also need to make smart money choices if you want to win.

For Kids 9-12

Ready for your first paycheck? It’s not too soon to start preparing with Pay Day, the fun game where you can feel like a grown-up and choose how to spend your paycheck. But you’d better make good choices because pay day only comes once a month and bills can arrive any time.

Things get complicated real quickly with Act your Wage. But if you play your cards smartly, you’ll always have money in the bank to take advantage of opportunities and become debt-free before anyone else!

Board Games About Investing

Investing is serious business when you’re an adult. But when you’re a kid who wants to play, it’s a game of strategy, patience, and a little luck! Dive into the fun with these board games that’ll teach you all about investing and how it works.

For Kids 6-8

If you wanna win this game, you’d better Cover Your Assets because the other players are on the prowl! Yes, this game comes with lots of laughs and excitement. But don’t let it fool you with all that fun. Underneath a stack of cards, there are big money lessons for future investors.

Buying and selling houses is called investing in the real estate market. And it’s super fun to learn about it with For Sale, the card game for future realtors and property investors.

For Kids 9-12

Exchange is all about cashing in big or going for broke, as you pretend to be one of the founders of the NY Stock Exchange. It’s a mix of history, strategy, and fun when you play this game over and over again.

Fantasy meets money in Mystic Market, the board game that makes trading and investing an adventure. While it’s easy to learn, the strategies in this game will keep you entertained for hours.

Board Games About Sharing

We love to share! That’s why we created this website, to share everything we know and help you learn about money. If you’re also into sharing or if you want to get into it, these are the best board games for you.

For Kids 6-8

Spread Kindness is simple and sweet. So spread the word and share it with your friends! You’re all guaranteed to have a great time.

If cooperation is your jam, you’ll love Race to the Treasure. This is the game where you and your friends get to beat the ogre together and then share the treasure.

For Kids 9-12

When you work with others, you accomplish more and it’s extra fun. That’s how you win when you play The Secret Door, the mystery-solving game for team players who like to win together.

Shouting? Check. Fast? Check. STEM? Check. Spaceteam is the game that’s got it all. Best of all, you win (or lose) as a team. So, you’d better get to work together if you want to fix the spaceship!

Best Video Games to Learn About Money

If you’re on a road trip or want to play by yourself, video games can keep you entertained while you continue to learn about money. Lucky for you, we’ve got options for kids of all ages. Check them out and give them a try next time you want to play a video game!

For Kids 6-8

Peter Pig’s Money Counter is a fun alternative to learn your coins and how to add money. At the end of the game, you can even use your budget to buy accessories for Peter Pig. Another opportunity to practice your money counting skills!

Mint Pals’ Counting with Coins is another game where you learn how to use money. This one takes place in a grocery store, where you can identify coins and solve math challenges while you earn badges.

Why go on a shopping spree when you can go on a Saving Spree? With this game, you can see how unnecessary spending takes away from your dream items. If you want to make smart money choices, this game is a great place to start.

How would you invest $100,000? We’ve got two games to help you find out: The Stock Market Game and How the Market Works. Both let you practice trading and learn all about the different types of investments available, so you can make your virtual money grow!

You don’t need to be a magician to be rich. You just need to have some saving tricks up your sleeve! Money Magic teaches you those tricks so, when you’re older, you can become a budgeting whiz.

If you love going to the bank with your parents, check out Bankaroo: the virtual bank where you’ll learn how to budget, track expenses, save up for goals and spend your cash.

For Kids 9-12

Sports fans had better warm-up, because Financial Football is here to teach you all about money! By the end of this game, you’ll be a financial MVP.

Play in a group or play alone, but definitely Stax if you want to learn all about growing your money and have tons of fun. In this game, you’ve got 20 years to grow your savings. Imagine what you can do with that much time IRL?

If you love pretend play, MySims is the game where you can play pretend and learn how to manage your money – or your Simoleons, the MySims cash that lets you build and decorate.

Best DIY Games to Learn About Money

Want to take the games offline? These are our favorite money activities for you to play anywhere and get the imagination going.

Activity Books to Learn About Money

Kid’s Activity Book on Money and Finance is packed with fun. Never a dull moment with these quizzes, puzzles, and activities that’ll keep you entertained anywhere you go.

For more money fun on the go, check out Kyng and Kyren’s Generational Wealth Building Activity Book. It’s great for kids, parents, siblings, and the whole family to join in on the fun. 

Pretend Play to Learn About Money

The options are unlimited when you let the imagination take over! All you need to play these games is a toy cash register, play money, and items that you’ll find around your home for hours of fun. 

If you need some inspiration, here are just a few of the best games you can play to practice your money skills:

  • Grocery store
  • Bank
  • Restaurant
  • Ice cream shop
  • Boutique

Let’s Play Money Games!

When you play, you learn. That’s why we’re serious about games. So put that TV remote down and go play one of our favorite money games! We guarantee tons of fun, plus some great money lessons along the way.

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