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Counting Money Videos for Kids

Videos are one of the best ways to learn money-math, here are our suggestions on the best videos to help you learn!


Money! Nothing is better than opening that birthday card from grandma and grandpa and finding those beautiful green bills waiting for you! Now you could run with it to the nearest store and buy the latest game or action figure, but what if there were bigger goals? Like that new gaming system or a new bike? Big purchases require even bigger savings, and saving takes some skill. We’ve put together plenty of fun and different videos that focus on saving money and learning how to count your money correctly. So what are you waiting for, little investor? Let’s get started!

Learning Time Fun! 

Learning time fun is a great educational YouTube page filled with lots of different educational topics, ranging from vocabulary lessons in both English and Spanish and lots of lessons for math and money. Here are some of our favorite videos. 

Money For Kids 

Learning Time Fun has videos that cover countless subjects, not just math. But one of their best videos is Money for Kids. It covers values, counting, and a little history for each denomination. Plus, they use music to keep you engaged and learning!

Check out the Money for Kids video here.

Count to 100 by 10’s – Skip Counting –

Now that you know who is on our money and how much each piece of our money is worth, Learning time fun also helps to teach us how to skip count. Skip counting helps you count out your money quickly. You can also use skip counting in everyday math to impress your teachers. Honestly, it’s an essential skill. 

Want to level up your skip counting skills? Check out Count to 100 by 10’s here

Gus The Gummy Gator: Learn About Counting Coins at the Lemonade Stand! 

Gus, the Gummy Gator, is a fun and colorful YouTube page where Gus covers counting money and how to give back change. Let’s head on over to Gus’s lemonade stand and help him give back the right amount of change to his customers! 

Meet Gus, the Gummy Gator, here.

Cashville Kidz

Cashville Kidz is an excellent place to dive deeper into the world of money. In this 24-part series, you will learn not only how to count and save your money, but you can also move into learning about credit and how interest works.

Roles of a Bank

Once you learn how to start saving your money, you’ll be ready to upgrade from that shoe box under your bed to your own savings account at a bank or credit union! But how do banks work? Why do we put our money into banks? Well, follow the Cashville gang as they explain the roles of a bank.

Hang out with the Cashville Kidz here.

Types of Bank Accounts

Banks are the safest place to keep your money and an excellent place to help you on your journey to larger savings. But there are more than just savings accounts at your local bank. Once again, the Cashville gang teaches us what each of those accounts is and what they each do.

Learn more about banking here!

The Right Money Habits

Our personal favorite video from Cashville Kidz isn’t just about saving and spending. You need to acquire some good habits with your money because healthy money habits will keep that savings account in the green. Plus, this particular video has some serious suspense to keep you watching. 

Help the Cashville Kidz stop a robber here.

Way 2 Good Life Kids

Alright, so we have had plenty of grown-ups teaching us about money, savings, and how to count it, but let’s hear from kids like you! Way 2 Good Life Kids have short and easy-to-understand videos and an excellent series called Money Smart Kids that covers savings, investing, and money handling. 

What Should You Know About Saving? 

This video is great for those of you who want to start saving money but don’t know where to start? Well, earning money is the fastest way to fill your savings account. But to do it correctly, you’ll need to know how much you can save per month, set goals, and more. Plus, you’ll get to find out what other kids are saving their money towards!

Learn what to do with your first paycheck here.

Smart With a Piggy Bank

Keeping track of your savings is just as important as putting money into it. You’ll need to learn how to keep track of your savings, budgeting, and general financial literacy. In this video, the Money Smart kids go over how to keep a piggy bank ledger and know exactly how much you have in your savings. 

Master keeping track of your money here

Kids Guide to Money Handling 

Money handling is essential for any great money saver. There are two videos on this topic from the Money Smart Kids, learning how to keep your money in more than one account; now that you have established savings, maybe you are ready for a spending account or even an investing account.

Check out part 1 here and part 2 here

Miss Dahlman’s World

Miss Dahlman and her cute companions Milo and Lucy go on adventures in this education series, which are all created and designed by a teacher to help kids learn about spending money and how to manage it.

Saving and Spending

This super quick video – less than 5 minutes long – manages to cover all of the basics of savings and spending. If you’ve had a hard time really understanding the importance of the two, then this video might just do the trick. 

Check out Miss Dahlman’s first lesson here

The Value of Money 

Here’s the thing, money isn’t just paper. It’s your way of obtaining the things you need and want. That’s why we’ve included this video where Lucy and Miss Dahlman teach us about counting our money and what value each of them holds. So follow Lucy as she heads into the market and has to figure out how much each item she wants costs and what money combination she uses to buy them. 

Learn the true value of money here

Rock N’ Learn: Money and Making Change

Rock’ N Learn is a YouTube series focused on educating young kids! One of the channel’s best videos is Money and Making change. A whole hour of fun, teaching you about money, counting, and making change! 

This video isn’t as short as the others on this list, but it goes into depth about money stuff you need to know. Find out more here.

Learn to Name and Count U.S. Coins

There are so many fun and engaging videos on Rock N’ Learn, but this video goes more into identifying U.S. Coins. The engaging characters on Rock N’ Learn make learning to count coins easy and fun!

Learn to Rock N’ Learn here

Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann’s Education based music videos are precisely what you need if songs and rhymes help you remember what you learned. He has a whole jukebox of different songs that will get you dancing and singing along!

The Money Song 

One of Jack’s great videos is The Money Song, which is perfect for helping you memorize and learn coin combinations. Plus, it’s downright catchy. 

Sing along to The Money Song here

The Coin Song 

Another great video and song from Jack Hartmann is the Coin song. It’ll help you remember the different coin combinations. For example, did you know that four dimes and two nickels are the same value as two quarters!

Oh, you did? That’s fine. There are way more coin combinations. Learn some of them here.

As you can see, the world of money, counting, and saving doesn’t need to be boring. It can definitely be a fun and rewarding experience that your whole family can join in on. And your teachers and friends will be impressed by your money counting ability.

We’ll leave you with this. The only thing between you and being better and money math is practice. So click one of the links in this article, grab a pen and paper, and get ready to be a certified money pro!

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