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Videos for Kids to Learn About Money

Check out these fun videos and YouTube channels to learn more about money!


Get ready to see the best money math videos that the internet has to offer! Today, we’ve got a mix of channels that make finance math super easy. We’ll start with money math-focused channels and creators. And for each channel or creator, we’ll highlight a total of their top three videos for you to watch. 

Just so you know, every entry on this list was chosen based on its educational value, level of fun, and subject matter. Let’s get started!

Rock’ N Learn: Money and Making Change

Rock’ N Learn is a YouTube channel focused on educating children! It’s got countless hours of fun videos covering basically any subject from reading, math, science, and language. But one of the best videos the channel offers is Money and Making Change. Over the course of about an hour, Rock’ N Learn covers money, money math exercises, and fun facts about money. 

Plus, the video is animated and includes musical parts. So have fun following Penny and Bill as they discover new stuff about coins, cash, and change!

Our favorite video: Money & Making Change

Other Great Videos by Rock’ N Learn

Here are a couple of other great videos from Rock’ N Learn

Equivalent Coin Combinations & Counting Money

The Equivalent Coin Combinations & Counting Money video is perfect for teaching coin math! In case you don’t know, equivalent means equal. For example, 2 dollars is the same or equivalent to 8 quarters. This video breaks down money math in a way that’s easy to understand. And it gives you great exercises to try later!

Skip Counting for Kids

If you like Rock’ N Learn’s Money and Making change video, then check out Skip counting for Kids. Skip Counting is one of the most important skills for money math. You’ll need it to quickly and easily count bills at the store, and you can use it to impress your friends! Skip Counting for Kids is only 15 minutes long. So, check it out.

Jack Hartmann: Show Me The Money

Jack Hartmann is an education-focused musician who has made over 40 different videos covering many subjects. If you learn by singing, dancing, and rhyming, this is your channel. A great video of Jack’s is Show Me The Money. He breaks down how to tell coins apart and how to use them.

Other Great Jack Hartmann Money Math Videos

Here are a few other Jack Hartmann money math hits!

The Money Song

The Money Song is perfect for memorizing coin values and combinations! It’s got a really catchy beat you can dance to, and it’s only 3 min long, so you can listen to it more than once. 

The Coins of Canada

Want to learn about Canadian coins before your next family vacation? Or even just to tell your teacher about? Then check out Jack Hartmann’s video about coin values in Canada. You’ll definitely be able to impress your friends!

Scratch Garden: USA Coins and Bills Song

Scratch Garden is a bit different from the other entries on this list. For one, they have tons of educational videos, but they focus more on just having fun. That means you can use their videos to learn new things or just watch some to take a break. 

Scratch Garden also makes a really funny kids show that’s viewable on their channel. Their USA Coins and Bills song is all about – you guessed it – coins, bills, and money math. So if you want a channel that teaches you but doesn’t overwhelm you, then check out Scratch Garden.

Other Fun Videos from Scratch Garden

Here are a few Scratch Garden videos to check out.

Counting by Quarters

Did you know that quarters are one of the most commonly used coins? The only coins worth more are the fifty-cent piece and the dollar coin – both of which you probably won’t come across every day. Counting by Quarters is a fun way to really master one of the most important coins in America!


Estimating is a cool skill to have that can save you time and energy. In this video, Scratch Garden teaches you everything you need to know about estimating. The video is a quick seven minutes and has a fun narrator to help keep your attention.

CashVille Kidz: The History of Money 

CashVille Kidz is a 24 part video series that talks about almost every money related topic you can imagine. It has really cool characters, action, and easy to learn tips for money math. Also, all of the videos are great to rewatch!

If you want to watch a story and learn at the same time, then check out any video in the CashVille Kidz series.

Other Cool Videos from Cashville Kidz

Cashville Kidz has a lot of videos to choose from. Here is a couple of the best.

Savings vs. Investing

Figuring out what to save and what to invest in takes time. And a good understanding of what exactly the two are. This video explains the benefits of both in a way that you’ll love. So follow the Cashville Kidz on their latest adventure!

Types of Bank Accounts

Different types of bank accounts have different features and purposes. This Cashville Kidz video tells you what you need to know about all types of accounts. It’s fun and only about 7 minutes long.

Let’s Do Math: Adding Money

Let’s Do Math is a Youtube channel with hundreds of videos about math! It’s got everything from basic addition to complex equations. And chances are you’ll need both as you become better and better with money. The Adding Money video is a great clip to start with before moving on to harder math.

Other Awesome Videos from Let’s Do Math

Here are a couple of videos to look for if Let’s Do Math sounds fun!

Multiply by A Single Digit 

Being able to multiply quickly is great when dealing with large amounts of money. If you want to learn new ways to multiply, check out this video. It’s only five minutes long, so you watch it whenever you need.

Working Out the Change

Coins can be tricky. Thankfully, there are tons of methods you can use to master coins! This video includes exercises, tips, and clear explanations of how to use change. It’s a super quick 3 minutes!

YNAB: How Do I Budget for My Hobbies?

You Need a Budget or YNAB is a YouTube channel made just for money education. They have plenty of fantastic videos about anything and everything to do with money. Plus, their content is short, easy to watch, and the hosts are super cool. One of their best videos is How do I Budget for My Hobbies.

Budgeting is really important if you want to always have money when you need it.

Other Great Videos from YNAB

YNAB has tons of fun, educational videos. Here are some of the very best.

Bad with Money 

Bad with Money tells you everything you need to know to make smarter money moves. Plus, you don’t have to actually be bad with money to learn from it. It’s filled with great tips and humor and is only about 6 minutes long. Check it out!

Want vs. Need

Want vs. Need helps teach the difference between the two and how to budget for both! And it’s a really light-hearted video packed with lots of great money knowledge. Check it out and try the want vs. need exercise they try in the video!

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