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Fun Games to Learn About Saving

Check out these fun board games, video games, and more to help you learn about saving money!


You probably think that saving money’s a boring thing that adults talk about all the time. Or that it’s your parents’ excuse when they don’t wanna buy junk food at the grocery store. Right?

Yeah. Let’s forget about all that and play games, instead! We rounded up the most fun games for savvy kids like you. 

Board games? Check. Do you like to play video games? We’ve got ‘em! Play pretend? Sure!

And the best thing about all of these games is that if you get really good at them, you can figure out how to stash a whole lotta cash! We’re talking IRL cash, not Monopoly money – although that one’s on our list.

Ready to check our ultimate list of fun games to learn about saving? 

OK, you caught us. We slipped the word “learn” in there and we thought you wouldn’t notice! But we pinky promise these really are fun games! Just keep reading along and you’ll find out for yourself.

Let the Board Games Begin

Do you like board games? Everyone does. They’re perfect for rainy days when your parents tell you it’s time to turn the TV off.

With these fun board games, you won’t roll your eyes again and say “I’m soooo bored” for the 100th time!

Saving Board Games for Elementary School

The Allowance Game – This game’s a lot like saving in real life, but it moves fast. You gotta make quick decisions about how to spend your allowance. But in this game, you work hard for your money. You can’t just splurge it! Especially if you wanna win!

Money Bags – If you wanna have your own biz one day, this game’s the one for you. You earn money, then figure out how much goes to the bank depending on the money challenges that you get. It’s all about making smart choices with this fun game.

Pay Day – We bet your parents played this one when they were kids. But don’t scratch it off your list just yet. Instead, just invite them to join you! They’ll get a kick out of all the ups and downs, as you guys try to make it to the end of the month without going broke.

Saving Board Games for Middle School

Cash Flow – Wanna get rich? Then you gotta get out of the rat race! This entertaining game is more than just about saving. It’s about investing and taking control of your future. The more you play it, the more you figure out how investing actually works.

Act Your Wage! – This one’s a favorite because it throws in a whole new concept: debt. Sometimes, adults borrow money or take out credit cards. With this game, you learn how to save money, spend money, and pay off debt. All in a really intense and exciting game.

Monopoly – We couldn’t leave this family favorite out. It’s an awesome way to learn about buying land, building houses, and renting out your property. If you dream of being a real estate mogul one day, you better start playing right now!

Step Up Your Game

If you’re more of a techie, we’ve got you covered! These are the best video games and apps for kids like you to have fun and learn about saving. 

Financial Football – Do you love sports, video games, and saving? Then you’ve got to check out this interactive game that teaches kids about money. It’s a fast-paced, interactive, and Drew Brees-approved game that’s sure to make you a finance quarterback.

Stax – Have you heard of compound interest? A) Yes, but it’s confusing, B) Never heard of it, C) I started with $20 and I’ve already got $200 in the bank. Whether you’re an investing pro or a savings newbie, this fun video game makes growing your money an exciting adventure.

The Payoff – Ever dreamed of being an influencer? Who hasn’t! In this video game, you get to be one. And you make decisions that can change your future. It’s a great way to practice dealing with unexpected situations. So, when these things happen in real life you’ll at least have some virtual practice!

Money Magic – Wanna save money for a goal? This video game’s main character wants to save money to become a magician in Vegas. Pretty cool, huh? Well, it turns out that saving’s not that easy. But if you help him make his dream come true, you can do the same thing for yourself — whether you wanna be a Vegas magician or a vet.

Let’s Play Pretend

If you’re the kinda kid who’s into good old pretend play, you can learn about saving money at the same time! Whether you’re 5 or 15. 

Don’t believe us? Fine. See it for yourself. 

If you’re on the younger side, all you need is a cash register, play money, and imagination. And something tells us you’re the creative kind…

So now, it’s up to you to come up with as many money games as you can! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Grocery store
  • Bank
  • Restaurant
  • Ice cream shop
  • Boutique

If you’re on the older side, you might want to check out platforms like Webull, Thinkorswim, or eOption. These companies allow you to do something that’s called paper trading. It’s basically a pretend investment portfolio that lets you “buy” stocks and see how much money you’d make or lose from your trades. 

See how much fun money games can be? They’re the best way for kids of all ages to learn about saving and growing their moolah! And with so many kinds of games out there, you’re sure to find one that’ll hook you and make learning super fun!

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