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Best Kid’s Budget Worksheets

Check out these fun and informative budgeting worksheets for your kids to help them build smart money habits.


Whether you have a financial genius on your hands or a budding saver – This Budget Worksheet List will get your kid soaring into the best and unrivaled money habits, academic and financial achievements, and freedom from debt and poor credit.

Help them put into action (and writing!) their best spending habits and savings goals with these 15 Budget Worksheets for Kids.

Nowadays, kids have some of the scariest decisions to make. (One that requires them to choose between saving and spending).

As parents and caregivers, we know just how divided we can start to feel when our finances spiral out of control).

Every money-conscious little genius could use the best guidance on improving how they earn, spend, and stash savings. And now, with the help of Mom or Dad, they are in luck! You heard us right. They have you to thank!

Below, we’ve listed 15 of the Best Kid’s Budget Worksheets. Check out our Kids’ Money Budgeting Worksheet too!

iMom – Share, Save, Spend – Budget Worksheet

Age Recommendation: 8 and up

This hands-on, visual tool will teach your child the “right” use(s) of money and how to share, save, and spend it as wisely as possible. This worksheet utilizes the 3-Jar Method, showing you how to properly differentiate between sections and use them accordingly. For younger ones, you may want to direct them more so that they stay on task with each jar and be able to differentiate them more clearly.

When your kid earns money – whether through an allowance or employment – they will need to divide their earnings between all three jars and allocate their earnings to each jar based on percentage. This is a personal decision that could require your assistance in helping them to figure it out. The directions for this activity are listed at the top of the worksheet.

Carrie Elle – DIY Cash Envelope System for Kids

Age Recommendation: 8 and up

This printable DIY Cash Envelope System is a great project that’ll enable your child to see the excitement and fun in learning about money!

First, your child must decide on reasons to save. They can then create an envelope for each of those reasons categorically. Some examples could be a special toy, game, outing, new pet, or college. They’ll feel more compelled to use this budgeting system by allowing them to choose their reasons. You can influence their choices by reminding them of prioritization and how remembering family values can help them see what things they should budget for.

Every time money comes in or goes out of the envelopes, they must keep a record of each transaction. This will allow them to keep close tabs on their finances and hold themselves accountable as they get older, avoiding many money mishaps and mismanagement.

Lesson Three – Budgeting Your Worksheet

Age Recommendation: 14 and up

This comprehensive lesson plan from Practical Money Skills challenges your child with an academic learning approach. This lesson assumes that your child has previous basic knowledge of money and finance. It consists of multiple choice vocabulary, expense and spending categories, an income budgeting game, and a scenario to help you set up a budget. We strongly recommend this activity be used with a small group of appropriate-aged kids. Have your child pair up with a few friends to support and make it a more engaging learning experience for all!

Family Education – Teen Budget Worksheet

Age Recommendation: 14+

This budget worksheet is simple enough for your teen to get started with today! It’s also useful for college students with the inevitable on-campus expenses and tuition fees they’d like to get a hold of finally. The budget worksheet features other items (with subitems) that are the primary source of spending for teens – food, transportation, pets, personals, and entertainment. It also features a charity and donation column that can encourage a teen who hasn’t given donations before to start.

On Planners – Free Budget Worksheets

Age Recommendation: 9 and up

On Planners is a resourceful site that features many printable budget templates for kids of varying ages and attractive styles.

What we love most about these personal budget templates is that they’re all FREE and downloadable! Each template has a unique layout, so your kid can find the one best aligned with their money goals and aspirations. If your kid is a visual learner, there are printables to choose from – one that features a jar that represents savings or a thermometer that measures the percentage of progress they are making overtime. – Olympics Trip Planning Budget Worksheet

Age Recommendation: 12-16

This money math worksheet, best suited for kids between the ages of 12-16, is featured on Education. This popular learning site empowers educators and students alike by offering kids budget worksheets and other educational resources.

Their Olympics Trip Planning Budget Worksheet paints a fun and realistic scenario in which any child could see themselves! It challenges your child to try and figure out what they would do in a situation where they want to accomplish an outcome with a limited amount of money and time, forcing them to use the money at hand wisely.

Leap of Faith Crafting – 7-Page Printable Planner

Age Recommendation: 15 and up

Leap of Faith Crafting offers a free printable budget planner PDF workbook that includes expenses, debt, and income tracking! Your kid won’t be intimidated by the seven pages because each page has a different category, so they can use the ones that apply to them. This worksheet is ideal for high school graduates or incoming college goers who have leveled up their financial responsibility with the addition of employment income and credit. – Sample Monthly Budget for Teens

Age Recommendation: 15 and up

This unique and one-of-a-kind budget template for teens is extremely useful for beginners who are new to budgeting money.

Included is a sample page for your kid to reference so they can get an idea of where to start creating their own.

The Sample Monthly Budget Worksheet for Teens lays down the first rule of budgeting, along with tips and tricks to making a budget that works for them in a step-by-step, easy-peasy way!

Jr. Achievement – Teen Budgeting and Future Financial Planning Worksheet

Age Recommendation: 12 and up

Junior Achievement is a wonderfully concise worksheet that still manages to cover enough ground.

Monthly income and expenses are the focus here, and the items under those categories reign true for many kids. They also have an “other” column if their item or items are not shown on the worksheet.

Another great feature is the “My Financial Future” column for short, mid, and long-term goals. It gives teens the ability to prioritize based on the length of time of the goal and also gets them to attach a level of importance to each goal, making it easier to decide if it’s worth committing to at all.

Wells Fargo – Budget Worksheet – Young Adults

Age Recommendation: 16+

Use this free budget worksheet for young adults – courtesy of Wells Fargo – to create a monthly budget and track your actual spending.

Whether you’re a teen/young adult new to budgeting their experiences or not, it’s helpful and explains how to use it. The worksheet also breaks down expenses into fixed and variable. Your teen will learn the difference between the two and write their budget accordingly.

On the last page are additional budgeting tips that Wells Fargo provides that will further guide students and young adults along their journey to financial freedom.

TD Bank – How to Use A Monthly Budget Worksheet

Age Recommendation: 12 and up

This monthly budget worksheet is a great introduction to budgeting for middle schoolers. TD Bank prides themselves in providing financial education to kids and adults. This particular worksheet is perfect for budding finance gurus who want simple advice on money and how to use it.

They start with an overview of what budgeting means. Then they go into a few steps on how to identify income sources, track spending, calculate excess vs. deficit, and escalate savings/reduce expenses. The final page allows them to fill out what they’ve learned. – Make a Budget Worksheet

Age Recommendation: 12 and up

This worksheet shows students how to look into their spending habits to see how they can affect their ability to create a budget.

What is shown clearly is how income can change monthly due to fluctuations/changes in paychecks and other income sources.

DexForm – Sample Budget Worksheet for Kids

Age Recommendation: 8 and up

This budget worksheet works perfectly for younger children. It is easy to understand and gives a relatable sample of a budget worksheet they would use. The sample given uses small dollar amounts to allow children to do the math more easily.

Freddie Mac – Monthly Budget Worksheet

Age Recommendation: 16+

We included this budget sheet for parents to use in front of their kids. It will give them some insight into how and why budgets are made. And since kids are wired to do as you do, not as you say, this is the perfect opportunity for you to embrace that!

St. George Bank – Kids Budget Planner

Age Recommendation: 9 and up

Now for the last kid’s budget worksheet on our list – a graphic-inspired budget worksheet that appeals to all ages!

This worksheet offers both a directed and self-guided approach to teaching kids how to budget. Their language is detailed yet easy to understand. They are with you every step of the way as you pave the way to a successful and money-minded future!

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