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Best Kid Money Printables

Here are the best printables and worksheets to help you teach your kid money-math!


Get excited! You get to teach your kid how to handle money. We’ll be the first to admit that some children are a bit more receptive to numbers than others. But, finding the right fake money to engage them is a great way to boost their interest in cash handling. Plus, what kid doesn’t like feeling rich? That said, finding the right play money to use is important.

Your first option is spending and making play money with your kid at home. But, that can be a tedious process if you’re a busy adult or if your kid isn’t into the whole arts and crafts thing. Luckily, some fantastic money printables are out there that can save you time and make it that much simpler to just dive into teaching. And for your convenience, we’ve done the research to bring you the top 20 money printables you can use to give your kids a hands-on money experience. Here they are. 

Play Money

Here are the best practice money printables!

Kids’ Money Printables

We created our own U.S. money printables to use with your kids! Each printable ha $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 U.S. bills. Each page also contains 12 U.S. bills. You can use them for a wide variety of classroom activities – the possibilities are endless. You can download it for $1 using the link below.

Dad’s Worksheet

Dad’s Worksheet has tons of math worksheets covering all the math basics. And their money printables are realistic in design, include cash and coins values, and have a dozen printables per page. That means you won’t have to print out a bunch of pages just to fill one denomination. Dad’s worksheet is first on our list because, unlike most other printables, they include the $2.00 bill. 

Check out their printables page here.

Family Education

Family Education is dedicated mostly to general parenting life and how to prepare for the big hurdles from pregnancy to teens. However, they offer one of the best free-play money printables you can find. It includes realistic cash and coin values and has 12 denominations per page. That’s perfect if you have to pay to print stuff or are just running low on supplies. 

Check them out here.

Mrs. Merry 

Mrs. Merry is a site dedicated to all kinds of kid-friendly activities that you can do at home for free. That includes holiday banners, sports games, arts and crafts, and more. Their money printables are pretty realistic and easy to access. However, the site has a few more ads than some parents might like. Still worth checking out for alternatives to money printables. 

Find them here.


Here are the best money worksheets that money can’t buy. 

Homeschool 4 Me

Homeschool 4 Me offers printable booklets that cover all things money. Booklets are great because they have a more permanent feel and be packed into your kid’s backpack or taken on errands with ease. Plus, they offer money math activities for downloads too. As an added bonus, they also offer delicious snack recipes for those of us that are out of food ideas. 

Peruse their printables booklet here

Homeschool Math

Homeschool math has tons of money math problems with images instead of words. That makes it great for kids who get overwhelmed by pages of words and numbers. Plus, you can randomize the worksheets so that no two are ever the same. If you have more than one child learning money math, you can tailor their worksheets to their level of understanding. And like every other printable on this list, it’s free! 

Generate a money problem right here.

Common Core Sheets

No matter how you feel about common core math, if you’re a parent, then chances are your kid is learning it. Unlike math problems from when we were children, common core problems can’t be easily memorized. And considering that most states mandate its teachings, it’s a good idea to give your kid an advantage by having them practice at home. Common Core Sheets has countless (Yes, we’ve been known to make a pun.) worksheets to test your little one’s knowledge.

Get a head start on common core here.


Math-Aids is a site dedicated to creating worksheets for kids of all ages. You can pick and choose worksheets from specific grades. Plus, their worksheets have something for every type of learner. They’ve got word problems, picture problems, number problems, etc. And they cover basically every kind of mathematics. 

Check out Math-Aids here.

Math Geek Mama

Math Geek Mama has money math problems for each grade and age – in fact, they have over 300 free worksheets. But one of its biggest draws is the diner menu printable. For kids who love playing cashier or have an entrepreneurial kick or even just a love of cuisine, you can use the diner printable to keep them engaged. Pick your own prices for the printables and then combine them with fake money to open up new ways to teach money math!

To download the diner menu, right-click the image, then click the “Open image in new tab” selection.

Get your kid’s diner off the ground here.

Math Salamanders

Math Salamanders provides resources for all kids. But their money math worksheets are some of the best. Is your kid having trouble with a specific denomination? Do they prefer currency images in their money math equations to keep them alert? Check out Math Salamander!

Here are some of the best that Math Salamanders offers!

Splash Learn

Splash Learn is a site with activities for every subject matter and every kid. Their money math worksheets cover all basics. But today, they’ve made the list for their guess the price worksheets. These worksheets help kids conceptualize realistic values for everyday items like cars, electronics, food, and more. You can tell a kid that a house is expensive, and they might think something like $100.00. Imagine their surprise and the corresponding lesson they’d learn by finding out its actually hundreds of thousands? This is a great way to introduce them to real-life purchases and even a great segue into the importance of savings.

Introduce your youngster to the expensiveness of necessity here.

Math Fun Worksheets

Math Fun Worksheets offers the same benefits as the last few entries on our list. I.e., age-appropriate worksheets, money printables, etc. But something unique they offer is superhero-themed money problems. In a world of superhero movies, games, TV shows, and clothing, it should come as no surprise that kids love comics. Spruce up your math lessons with some of the classics.

Empower your kid’s ability to learn here

Easy Teacher Worksheets

Easy Teacher Worksheets is exactly what it sounds like. Worksheets made for teachers to conduct easy albeit crucial money math lessons. This site makes the list because of its use and straightforward approach to money math. Easy Teacher is the way to go for those of us who don’t need dozens of different subjects and topics.

Try their worksheets out here

Money Math Worksheets 4 Kids 

This site earns a spot because of the different conceptual design for teaching money math. For example, they give a value like “67.14” and ask kids to write it in words. They have dozens of more complex examples, but the different take they have could be a big difference to kids that have a hard time learning money math in more traditional ways. Plus, as an added bonus, they offer international currency problems. That may seem small, but if a kid can do money math in foreign currency, then they can definitely do it in ours. But the foreign aspect may help them engage more, especially if they have dreams of travel. 

Explore currencies from the world over right here

Soft Schools

Soft Schools is one of those comprehensive resources that covers the basics of many subjects. Their money math problems are tough but not too tough to solve for kids of all ages. Plus, they’re a great resource for parents that use other money math sites and are looking to switch the equations.

You and your children can solve new money math problems here.

Math Drills

Math Drills has dozens of international currency options, each with its own collections of money math problems. But unlike other international currency entries, they offer dozens of problems, per denomination, per page. Granted, their problems don’t change, but your kid might not make it through these as easily as other sites. That makes them perfect for kids that require advanced money math to engage.

Up the challenge of money math problems right here.


Brighterly has advanced homeschooling programs, but you’ll need to shell out a few bucks for those. That said, it does offer money math worksheets for kids that range from picture problems to some fairly heavy-duty word problems. Check out the best of Brighterly’s free options here

Great Schools

Greatschools offers advice and help every step of a child’s formal education up to college. It also provides resources for you as a parent to better your understanding of learning and teaching. But they’ve got some of the most comprehensive free worksheets you can find. Their word problems are simple, straightforward, but effective. That makes them perfect for beginner to intermediate children learning money math. 

Check out some of what Great Schools can provide here

K5 Learning

K5 learning has worksheets for every subject matter. As such, you can use them as a one-stop-shop for your child’s educational understanding. We highly recommend their money math worksheets. They use picture to number problems to help a child become familiar with coin values and various coin combinations. 

Help your kid grasp money math with K5 Learning right here

Newpath Worksheets 

Newpath is a little-known resource that offers Google classroom connectivity and great beginner to intermediate math exercises. We recommend them for early money math lessons as their worksheets are best suited for younger children. 

Make the most of your child’s initial money math understanding with Newpath’s worksheets here

Big Learners

Big Learners has worksheets for grades 1-5. They’ve made our list because of their somewhat innovative approach to teaching coin values. Their worksheets stress the ability to compare coins and understand which one has a greater value. And which coins to be evenly divided by other coins. It’s a more comprehensive approach that could be the change your child needs to fully grasp money math concepts.

Take a gander at what they offer here.

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