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As parents, you have a unique opportunity to give your kids a financial education. You can not only teach them skills but you can also let them learn from their own experience and develop sound habits that will last them a lifetime. Along the way, arguments and stress associated with disagreements about money will greatly diminish. To accomplish all this, you will need to tap into Resources from all the areas of Kids' Money - Parents, Teachers, Kids, Teens and Organizations. The sidebar to the right can help you chart your course on this incredible journey.

You may be thinking:

  • I don't know how to start or proceed once I get going.
    That's what Kids' Money is here to help you with (see Topics & Resources to the right).
  • My own finances are a mess. How can I possible teach my kids something I don't know.
    If you're willing, why not learn with your kids?
  • I don't have the time.
    What's more important than teaching your kids to responsibly handle money?

Whatever your situation, Kids' Money can help. If you're unsure, simply ask us and we'll be happy to respond individually to your concerns.

Thank you for discovering Kids' Money. Please let your friends and family know about this important resource.

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You may want to spend a few minutes on the Launchpad before your journey. There, you can read a number of articles. They present a variety of ideas on how to help your kids develop sound money management skills and habits. Hopefully, they will get you on the way to formulating your own unique approach to the financial education of your children.

Teen Financial Uncertainty

Many surveys point to the fact teenagers are unprepared for assuming financial responsibility as adults. This survey and graph show teens' inadequacies in no uncertain terms. There is no stronger argument for parents to take the bull by the horns and make sure their children have an adequate financial education.

Boy Scouts of America 2011 Environmental Scan, Youth Finances

The Boy Scouts of America Environmental Scan 2011 is produced by the Innovation and Research Department of the BSA and updated annually. This material is copyrighted 2011 by Boy Scouts of America and is reproduced on Kids' Money with the permission of the BSA.

Input & Opinion

So what do you think?

We've put in a great deal of time and effort on what we consider to be the most beneficial Topic - Allowances.

What Topic do you think we should tackle next? Why not take our survey? While you're at it, check out how other parents have responded.

You may also want to take our Top Ten Survey and tell us what financial principles you value the most. You can also see what other parents have suggested and how they rank them.

Thank you for being a part of Kids' Money.

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Kids' Money > Parents

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Topics & Resources

What do you want your kids to learn about money and money management?

Most parents start with the basics - Money Skills. Here kids learn to recognize and handle currency and coins.

After that, it's time to develop more specific skills - Spending, Saving, Sharing and Investing. An excellent way to do this is with an effective Allowance program.

Finally, no financial education would be complete with a discussion of the promises and pitfalls of Credit.

Each of these essential Topics lends itself to a wide range of Resources:

  • Professional Articles,
  • The real-life successes and challenges of other Parents,
  • Tons of relevant data from numerous sources
  • The opinions of Experts,
  • A wealth of web-based Resources,
  • Convenient access to hundreds of games, books, banks, DVDs, learning activities, and
  • Highlights from a myriad of Books.
If you're ready, select a Topic of interest and begin exploring the Resources available. Feel free to Share as you Learn.

And finally, keep coming back. We're constantly updating and expanding our Resources. Check back frequently to see all that we've added. Feel free to suggest Resources you think would be helpful.

Thank you for being part of Kids' Money.

Reading List

Not for you but for your children. This list starts at age 3 and goes all the way to adulthood. It features stories about money. These are not how-to books but rather cute stories, exciting adventures and heart-warming dramas that incorporate important financial lessons. It's a great way to introduce your children to the world of money management and put them on the road to developing successful financial habits.

Fav Piggy?

Do you or your child have a favorite piggy bank?

Email us a picture of you or your child with the bank and a brief description of what makes it special. We'll share it with the world on our That's My Piggy page!

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