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Best Books on Allowances for Parents to Read

Learn how to build an effective allowance program with these reads.


Kids like money. And they almost always ask for more. As a parent, you want to teach your kids how to manage and save up their own money. You need an allowance system.

Giving your children an allowance is a great way to encourage financial empowerment. But where do you begin? How much do you give? And how often?

Parents have lots of questions around the topic of allowances and not many resources to offer guidance. But before you bust out your wallet and get your child a piggy bank, you’ve got to check out our list of the best allowance books for parents to read. This tried and tested selection comes from real parents and books we’ve read ourselves. With these tools, you’ll be able to guide your child into the world of wealth.

Our Favorite Allowance Books for Parents

Everyone has their own parenting style, and every child is different. That’s why we created a diverse list of books to help you set up an allowance system that works for your family.

Most Novel Approach

Have you already tried a traditional allowance system, where your kids do chores in exchange for money? If this approach doesn’t work for you, you’ll love the Earn It, Learn It method – it’s the allowance that you grew up with, but with a modern twist. Perfect for today’s modern family and your child’s future financial confidence.

Most Practical

If you’re looking for a quick and effective read, The Art of Allowance is the handy guide that’ll help you kickstart your child’s financial education. Based on solid financial principles and clear guidelines, this powerful book will become your go-to from the time your child is a baby to their high school graduation.

All-Time Classic

Allowances are one of those financial fundamentals that stay the same, generation after generation. That’s why Allowances, Dollars, and Sense is a classic parenting book to help you raise money-savvy kids who can manage their money in all types of economic environments.

Best for Reading with Your Kids

Getting your kids involved in the allowance system is one of the best ways to teach them how to handle their own money. If you want to sneak some financial literacy before bedtime, try cuddling up with The Bugville Critters Save Their Allowance. It’s the sweet story of how Lass Ladybug and Buster Bee make the most of their money. Your kids are sure to love the witty writing in this entertaining book that’ll make learning about money fun for them.

Most Comprehensive

If you want to take a deep dive into your kid’s financial education, reach for The Opposite of Spoiled – a complete guide to raising money-smart kiddos. From the tooth fairy to managing checking accounts and covering college tuition, this book covers it all. It’s based on solid advice that even parents can implement!

Best Workbook

If you’re ready to take your financial knowledge to the next level, you need a practical everyday workbook. With Allowance Magic, you’ll know exactly how to guide your child so they can plan their expenses, make the most of their allowance, and make their own financial decisions. It’s the hands-on tool that you need to manage money in the real world. 

Best Step-By-Step

User-friendly and accessible, Making Allowances offers a step-by-step guide for parents to help their kids manage money and establish goals. It even goes over how to handle marketing for kids to help your children identify wants versus needs, and make intelligent choices.

Most Complete System

They say two’s better than one, and Kids’ Allowances is not the exception! This complete system includes two books to provide you with all the guidance you need when it comes to your child’s financial education. The first book is a complete guide about responsible money management. The second is a workbook that puts the knowledge to work, so you and your kids can practice what you’ve learned.

Best for Adults

If you want to brush up on your own financial knowledge before setting up your child’s allowance system, take a listen to Dollars and Sense. This audiobook dives into the emotional complexities of personal finance, to help you improve your financial choices. It’s sure to boost your confidence, so you can then teach your child how to spend smarter.

Let’s Get Reading!

When it comes to allowance, it helps to have a plan from the start. With these books, we hope to kickstart this plan. With wholesome advice and practical tools, they will inspire you and your kids’ financial journey, as you help your children grow into happy and wealthy adults.

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