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Best Money Apps for Teens

Do you need help finding the right app for your money goals? We’ve compiled the best ones right here.


It can be argued that how you manage money is more important than just making money. And we’re not just talking about skills you’ll need in retirement or when you’re between jobs. Managing money is a life-long event, and the earlier you get started building the skill, the better. 

You’re in a great space to start saving, investing, and more as a teenager.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most helpful money management apps for your convenience. If you try one and it doesn’t gel, feel free to switch to another. Much like picking a bank or credit union, it’s essential to find the right fit for your financial life. 

Let’s get started. 

Banking and Money Management Apps

These apps are designed around general banking and money management. In that sense, they’re a great sort of multi-tool for banking. In comparison, the other apps on this list are a lot more specialized. 


FamZoo works by linking your parent’s accounts into a FamZoo account that you use. This app is great for teens that rely on their allowance and want to make the most of it. It comes with a debit card, interest-bearing accounts, and budgeting tools. Bring the idea up to your parents as a way for them to help you manage your spending. They can read our FamZoo review for our experience with it.


BusyKid keeps you paid when you do chores and accomplish predetermined tasks. If your parents are focused on making sure your home responsibilities are taken care of above all else, this app is perfect. They can manage, track, and set tasks for you to finish and then pay you accordingly. 

It’s great for teens that are family-centered. And it comes with a debit card. Check it out (and our review).

Axos First Checking

Axos First Checking offers the same experience as a traditional bank. That includes debit cards, savings, interest yields, and much, much more. It’s great if you want to experience a taste of financial freedom. Definitely, worth a try. Check it out here.

Budgeting and Saving Apps

These apps are centered around saving your money for a specific goal. They’re also great at creating complex budgets, which is important if you already pay bills. Plus, if you’re a teen that doesn’t have a steady income but does have a small nest egg from guests and prior savings, these apps can help you safely grow that money.


Current is a financial tech company that helps you budget and save. It comes with a debit card, direct deposit, and ATM access, to name a few features. And it has reduced fees. Try Current out and see if you like it. 


You Need a Budget or YNAB is a company centered around teaching budgeting skills to teens. They offer classes, exercises, and more to help with your savings and budgeting. This is perfect if you want to learn about budgeting while also practicing it. Plus, they have countless online videos to help you study any money topic that might be causing you confusion. Overall, they aren’t just an app but a great resource for all things finance. 

Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance helps you analyze your spending and breaks down finance in an easy-to-understand way. It has a “Left-to-Spend” feature that tells you exactly how much you have left after bills and other debts come out. It’s great for teens who want to know about their long-term spending habits and how to make the most of them.


Monarch offers long-term budgeting options, helps you dip your toe into investing, and analyzes your spending habits to find potential growth areas. You’ll be able to see and access your accounts on one screen with little-to-no visual clutter, I.E. ads. It’s an excellent option for those that want a sleeker, streamlined feel. 

Current Digital Wallet

Current Digital Wallet grants you access to a debit card, basic budget tools, and money transfers from your parents. You’ll be able to purchase things both on and offline. This app is great for teens who have a grasp of everyday finances and want a little more freedom in their spending. 

Plan’it Prom

This app is dedicated to saving for one of the biggest events in any teen’s life – from. You’ll need money for clothes, make-up, transportation, food, and more. It’s never too early to start saving for those things, and Plan’it Prom helps you develop a plan to do just that. 


Mvelopes is great for teens that prefer to save towards a specific goal. It has a unique take on savings accounts, preferring to call them envelopes. They offer both long and short terms savings options. It’s no doubt that knowing exactly what you’re savings towards can motivate you to hit your goals even faster.

Investing Apps

As a teen, you might not have a lot of money saved for investing. And that’s ok. That’s also why these apps are great for investing small amounts like 3-5 dollars to get started. You can use these apps to make real money or just learn the basics. The choice is yours.


Acorns has no minimum to open an account. It comes with save-to-invest features and cashback rewards to get you started. Acorns also offer low-risk investments options, so you really get the chance to watch your money grow.


Stash has no overdraft fees, offers automatic savings features, and has budgeting tools. You’ll be able to use your account for checking as well, complete with a debit card. It offers a lot of beginner investment options that you can use to diversify your money. While Stash is pretty beginner-friendly in a lot of ways, it does require a firm grasp on finances to be the most effective. 


Bumper is an investment tool geared directly to you. Teens all over are using it to buy a piece of their favorite brands’ stock. You can use it to learn more about investing, including effective techniques. Try it out!

Money-Saving Apps

These apps are all about saving you money wherever you can. It’s perfect for teens that need a little help reaching their financial goals. Plus, some of these apps work with pre-existing accounts, which means you don’t need a whole new bank to get started. 


Splash can import all of your accounts for easy access and management. It also creates a spending report so you can figure out exactly where all of your money goes. Perfect for those that like to take a deep dive into their finances!


TrueBill helps you manage subscriptions and track money. There are a bunch of monthly services that you might have forgotten you even signed up for. With TrueBill, you can cancel them easily and save yourself money in the long run.


Billshark is definitely tailored to teens that pay multiple bills. But if you are one such teen, then Billshark is great because you know you’re paying the lowest possible amount. It employs people to call your bill collectors and lower the monthly rate. Try it out.

Money-Making Apps

These apps are designed to earn you cash, whether passively or actively. If you’re looking for non-traditional employment or a side hustle, then check out our full list of money-making apps for teens. 


Swagbucks is an app for people that love engaging with brands. It pays you for shopping, surveys, donating, and more. It’s available on iPhone or Android, and cashouts happen via PayPal. You can also get gift cards instead of money. All in all, it’s got options and flexible ways to earn. 


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but this call may be recorded for quality assurance. Anyone that’s ever dialed a call center has been told their convo will be recorded and reviewed. Here’s the catch – someone has to review those calls, and that someone can be you. Get started in quality assurance with Humanatic. Review as many calls as you want and get paid to do it. 


Shopkick pays you to shop, visit stores, submit receipts, and much, much more. So if you’re an around-the-town shopper or just want to check out new places, then download Shopkick. And no, buying items isn’t the only way to earn money with this app. Find out more here.

Debt Apps

Managing debt is one of the most important factors in finance. Adults typically have mortgages, insurances, car notes, monthly bills, student loans, and many other debts. As a teen, you’re in a great position to get ahead of your debt. Credit cards, phone bills, and more can snowball into hefty monthly bills if you’re not careful. These apps help you stay ahead of bill collectors. 


gohenry offers not only a debit card but also in-depth debt management lessons and techniques that you can apply immediately. It also has video lessons and quizzes that can set you up for continued financial success. And you can link it to your parents accounts for easy transfers and payments. Plus, it’s FDIC insured. That means your money is safe from fraud, economic changes, and more. Try it out.


Tally is geared more towards older teens ages 18-19. But it works by consolidating your debt into one monthly payment. That way, you have fewer bills to keep track of, and, typically, it’ll lower your interest payments. is dedicated to paying down existing debt. It helps you identify an effective financial plan to tackle high interest debt first and work your way from there. It also gives you rewards for staying on track. And Undebt-it offers long-term insights into how your debt may impact you in the years to come. This is perfect for teens who want to learn the ins and outs of debt management. 


Qoins is great for teens looking to take an aggressive approach to debt and savings. It’ll autosave a predetermined amount, pay more on debts, and it offers a range of accounts. One of the best things about Qoins is that it has a round-up and save feature that lets you passively save.

The Takeaway

That concludes our list of the best money management apps for teens. There’s a little something for everyone. No matter which one you decide to download, remember to review your budget and bills often to stay on top of your finances. Because here’s the thing, none of these apps work if you don’t use them. Just picking the software is step one. 

Reach out to the adults in your life if you have questions about money topics and need help making the most of your savings. You can also check out our other articles to learn more about finances. 

Is there an app that you use that isn’t on this list? Reach out and let us know.

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