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TurboTax Producer Expanding Education Programs for High Schools

Intuit is a major provider of financial services.

Tennessee Declared Top State for High School Financial Education in 2022, Others Following Closely

Almost 70 financial education bills were proposed in 2022.

New Research Shows Positive Link Between Financial Literacy and Health

Protect your mental health by de-stressing finance.

Next Gen Personal Finance Curriculum Includes Skills for Resumes and Job Interviews

You’ve got to land the job before you can manage your income!

Bank Opens Branch at High School, Giving Students Hands-On Financial Expertise

Teens can serve as a valuable source of part-time employees.

Dual Credit for Financial Literacy Classes in High School Can Pay Double Benefits

Advanced classes may attract more students to financial literacy.

Majority of Parents Want Schools to Teach About Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Young people need to know about new investment tools.

Tyson Foods Joins FL4A, Seeks to Aid Immigrant and Refugees With Financial Literacy

Major employer of immigrants seeks to help community.

Pennsylvania On The Move To Require High School Personal Financial Literacy Class

New law would affect 2024-25 freshmen (Class of ‘28).

Lack of Economic and Financial Knowledge Can Hurt Politicians: The Liz Truss Story

Unrealistic economic plans can sink a political career!

Careful With Credit Cards: Companies Report Uptick in Spending Despite Economic Worries

Credit cards let consumers spend beyond their income.

U.S. Congressman Helping Teach About Financial Literacy

Some politicians have strong backgrounds in finance.